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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The News Virginian

Council declines to move forward on Oasis permit

In order to bring a new business to the site of the former Oasis restaurant, extra parking will have to be found.

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Expertise on and off the field

The first time I held a long conversation with Candace Kimmett was at Waynesboro Country Club. It was about two years ago, when we were both participating in a golf tournament. Mrs. Kimmett and I had talked before when I passed by her in school, at sporting events, and whenever I saw her in the community. It was on the practice green, however, where I got to really know Mrs. Kimmett. We talked for about twenty minutes on school, sports, and life in general.  When I recall the talk now, I realize Mrs. Kimmett really knew what she was talking about in all three areas. And she delivered that knowledge in an effortless yet personable manner, something most people struggle with.

  • icon Posted: July 29

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Sunshine did not melt Sweet Dreams

Saturday’s sweltering July sun did not stop thousands of people from eating shaved ice, climbing a rock wall and drinking old-fashioned soda at the 11th annual Sweet Dreams Festival.

  • icon Posted: July 26

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Warriors come together again

Ten years ago, everything was different. Some were from Waynesboro, some from Staunton and others from across the mountain in Charlottesville, but they all experienced things together. 

  • icon Updated: July 23

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Online poll

Would you support a tax hike to increase base pay for Waynesboro officers?

The Waynesboro Police Department is one of the lowest paying in the area, with a starting salary of $31,000. A total of 34 officers have resigned over the last five years, leaving for other agencies. That. combined with injuries and retirements, has left 35 officers to patrol the city. Would you support some type of plan, including up to a tax increase, to help bring the base pay up for local officers?

Total Votes: 184

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