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Although it is still winter, kitten season is springing early this year with the warm weather. Tracey Meadows, assistant director with Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center, explained how to keep the kitten population under control and what to do if somebody spots a litter.

WAYNESBORO — With daffodils and forsythia starting to bloom in the waning days of February, one has to wonder — is that it for winter? Time will tell, but the recent spring-like weather, nice as it is for outdoor activities and cold-weary citizens, has a downside — the return of the “warm-weather” scammers.


A 24-year-old Waynesboro man driving the SUV was transported to Augusta Health and later transferred to the University of Virginia Medical Center.

WAYNESBORO — Old mufflers, nuts, bolts and pipes — these items would normally be thrown out or scrapped as junk. But not if Jeremy Sipe has anything to say about it. He’s taken these items and revived them as detailed, often whimsical, sculptures.

The Crimora Players plan to bring Cricket County to life next weekend. They will present two shows — instead of the usual one — on Feb. 17-19.

STAUNTON  — The Robert E. Lee basketball machine is starting to hit on all cylinders, and it could not be coming at a better time for the red-hot Leemen. Lee dispatched another foe with ease Thursday night by punishing the Bruton Panthers 78-45 in the Group 2A East Regional boys’ basketball semifinals at the Paul Hatcher gym.

Talk about Hypocrisy. According to Carl Tate, it is perfectly OK for blacks to use the so called "n" word, but, God forbid a white person to use it (“Robbing the ‘n-word’ of its noxious power,” The News Virginian, Feb. 26.)

RICHMOND — The General Assembly arrived in Richmond on Jan. 11 with a $1.26 billion hole in state revenues and left 46 days later with a $107 billion two-year budget that restores pay raises to public employees, invests in mental health services, and protects education funding, while carving out a new revenue reserve.


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