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WAYNESBORO — With the bond of a positive role model to help students become better readers, community members are hoping to get William Perry Elementary School that much closer to accreditation. Sixty-five volunteers help in a tutoring program that reaches more than 130 students.

WAYNESBORO — Changes approved last week to state school accreditation and high school graduation standards are getting positive reviews from area educators and members of the Virginia General Assembly.

WAYNESBORO — The song’s exact origins are unknown, but its impact is no mystery. The documentary “We Shall Overcome: The Song that Moved a Nation,” filmed in 1988 and released in 1989, was screened at Waynesboro Public Library earlier this week. The film is narrated by singer and social activist Harry Belafonte.

Leaders lying to the people is poison for a democracy. Now, as the nation seems to be drawing ever closer to some kind of constitutional crisis, concerning the current presidency, it is especially important that the American people not be deceived.

In an effort to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Friends of Nelson filed a request for rehearing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday on the commission’s recent decision to issue a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the natural gas project.

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