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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The News Virginian

Signs of conflict: Virginia struggles with push to eliminate Confederate symbols

The names of Civil War generals are attached across Virginia to schools, highways and to monuments lining a majestic cobblestoned boulevard in the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond.

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Inside the Huddle: Waynesboro-Wilson Postgame

Waynesboro started strong after its breakthrough season last year, blanking Wilson in Fishersville. Here's some of my observations from week one.

  • icon Posted: August 29

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Everyone pays, everyone benefits

It just seems like bad math. The argument I’ve heard the most against a new Waynesboro High has been that “my kids are all grown, so why should I pay for a school I won’t use? Tax the parents whose kids will be attending.” The kids, now in middle school, who would use a renovated or rebuilt Waynesboro High, didn’t put it in this condition. Thousands of students from 1937 to current day contributed to this, through natural wear and tear. The same goes for their parents, every time they picked up a student at school, attended a sporting event or sat through a conference with a teacher. We are all to blame for its current state and that’s why, no matter what the decision, we all need to pay.

  • icon Posted: August 30

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Meadows Park prepares to host State Fair

The Meadow Event Park sits quietly in Dowsell. In just 31 days, rides, food, vendors other items will transform it into the Virginia State Fair. 

  • icon Posted: August 25

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Online poll

What should happen to Waynesboro High?

Waynesboro city council will meet with school board members Aug. 27, to discuss the future of the high school and look at the different options. The school, built in 1937, has multiple structural issues to address.

Total Votes: 263

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