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Friday, February 27, 2015

The News Virginian

Three Augusta Supervisors announce re-election plans

VERONA -- Three Augusta County Supervisors announced their plans regarding fall re-election Wednesday night.

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Five Questions: Daniel May

Fishburne Military School cadet Daniel May wants to be the first. He is taking it match by match, but the opportunity to make history rests in front of him. May, a senior from Stafford, won the VISAA State Championship in wrestling last weekend in the 138-pound weight class, and now he is off to the biggest competition of all.

  • icon Posted: February 25

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Adding taxes won’t solve sugar problem

The math just doesn’t add up. Maybe it does for politicians in Washington, but we’re willing to bet that’s because the definition of poor for many of them means being down to their last $100,000. However for the rest of us, additional taxes aren’t something we look forward to. When a congressional panel starts recommending a tax on certain foods in order to “solve” a problem, it becomes clear that lawmakers didn’t understand the question in the first place. Raising taxes rarely fixes a situation, especially one like this.

  • icon Posted: February 25

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A look around the South American Paris

It’s called the South American Paris for a reason. Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city that looks and feels like a mixture of Rome, Paris, New York and Madrid, is one of the top tourist destinations in South America. 

  • icon Posted: January 11

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Online poll

What do you want to happen to the Augusta County courthouse?

The Augusta County supervisors are considering a plan to move the county courthouse from its current location in Staunton to Verona. To renovate the Staunton building, it would cost an estimated $10.2 million. To build in Verona, it would cost $11.5 million.

Total Votes: 370

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