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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The News Virginian

Waynesboro man arrested for soliciting a minor

A Waynesboro man is in jail after Augusta County deputies captured him this week in a sting operation.

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New performance personal for Staunton actors

Since that terrible April 16, seven years ago, the day of the worst mass shooting in American history perpetrated by a man who suffered from a mental illness, a spotlight has been cast on a set of diseases that the US Department of Health and Human Services states affects one in four people nationwide.

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A strange way to treat an employee

There's no easy way to part company with an employee. For whatever reason the decision is made, unless it's voluntary on both sides,there's going to be hurt feelings and irritation.

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Online poll

Which candidate do you want representing Virginia in the U.S. Senate?

Sen. Mark Warner has multiple challengers this year for his seat. They include four Republicans and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. The four Republicans are Tony DeTora, Ed Gillespie, Shak Hill and Chuck Moss, who will face off in a primary to determine which one advances to the November election.

Total Votes: 103

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