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WAYNESBORO—For the 41st consecutive year, approximately 200 volunteers from 20 area churches participated in the Waynesboro-East Augusta CROP Walk on Sunday in a community-based, nationwide effort to fight hunger around the globe and locally. 

WAYNESBORO — A man found with drugs during an eviction last week fled his home wearing nothing but underwear and one sock — and now Waynesboro police are asking the public for any information that might help track him down.


WAYNESBORO—A too-friendly black bear in Floyd County rushed to greet people with a dog collar around his neck. He was picked up and transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach, said his future is unclear all because somebody wanted to keep him as a pet.

WAYNESBORO — For many, autumn means pretty leaves, pumpkins, fall festivals and Halloween activities. For the Wildlife Center of Virginia, it means plenty of fawns, bears, squirrels — and acorns. Lots of acorns.

WAYNESBORO—Children and adults pointed up at the sky, excitedly watching a rainbow of kites soar in the air. The Coyner Springs Kite Fly is an event for kite-lovers of all ages in Waynesboro’s back yard. However, the event is more than just flying kites.

FISHERSVILLE -- Jacob Thompson ran for 210 yards and two touchdowns, and Dylan Thompson and Carter Rivenburg had two scores each as Buffalo Gap downed Wilson Memorial 41-7 in Shenandoah District football action at the Hive Friday night. 

An economy in transition, with new technologies making many jobs obsolete. A large influx of immigrants, with the cultural makeup of the nation rapidly changing. Some politicians blame the big banks. Some call for halting immigration. Some call for raising tariffs to protect manufacturing jobs. One candidate runs an unconventional campaign like no other in American history.

WAYNESBORO — Sen. Bryce Reeves is approaching his Republican bid to become Virginia's next lieutenant governor much like he has other goals in his life: with relentless pursuit.

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