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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The News Virginian

City council approves new stormwater, cemetery fees

WAYNESBORO-Starting two months from now, Waynesboro residents will be paying more to the city each month. During their meeting Tuesday night, the Waynesboro city council unanimously approved new stormwater and cemetery fees, which take effect July 1.

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Time for a fresh look at redistricting

Before it’s all said and done, Virginia taxpayers could be covering the bill for nearly half a million dollars in legal fees, as a result of fights over redistricting. National Democratic groups are suing, arguing that the districts, as drawn by Republicans, were designed to reduce African American influence in some areas. The Republicans meanwhile can’t point fingers, as they’ve done the same in the past, when the Democrats were in charge. It just makes clear once again why we need to take the redistricting process out of the hands of politicians.

  • icon Posted: May 26

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Start-up church aims for growth

There is a sizable group of locals who always head over to Seven Arrows Brewing Company just outside of Waynesboro’s city limits in Fishersville for ice cold beverages on Sunday. But, there is also a group that visits the same building that houses the brewery to praise the lord.

  • icon Posted: April 26

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Online poll

What do you want to happen with Waynesboro High?

The Waynesboro School Board plans to make a decision over the next few months about the future of Waynesboro High, either to rebuild it at the current location or move it to a new site. To rebuild, the cost is $46 million. To relocate, it will cost $73.6 million, plus whatever the cost of the new land is.

Total Votes: 553

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