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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The News Virginian

  • Three Augusta Supervisors announce re-election plans

    VERONA -- Three Augusta County Supervisors announced their plans regarding fall re-election Wednesday night.

Judge rejects Augusta courthouse petition

Augusta County Supervisors and county government must go back to the drawing board and revise a request for a November referendum that initially called for moving the county seat and circuit court to Verona from Staunton.

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Fort falls just short against Magna Vista

FORT DEFIANCE – Fort Defiance had a couple of chances to steal a win from visiting Magna Vista, but its last two shots were off the mark as the Indians fell  53-51 to the Warriors in the first round of the 3A West Regional Boys’ Basketball Tournament at the Wigwam on Saturday.

  • icon Posted: February 28

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AP PHOTOS: Germany Young Ensemble

BERLIN (AP) — Hoping to demonstrate their posture, agility and strength, a handful of boys and more than 120 girls between ages 7 and 9 tried out for the Young Ensemble of Berlin's Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre in February.

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Colors change but God doesn't

Thursday night, I’m on Facebook and I keep seeing a reference to “the dress.” I keep reading posts concerning what color this particular dress is and how cool it is that people can’t agree on it. Eventually, my curiosity gets the best of me and I hunt down a picture of this piece of clothing so I can decide its color for myself. I see it and think, “This is obviously a white and gold dress, what’s the big deal? What a dumb thing to be arguing about,” and I go on watching the game or whatever I was doing. A few minutes later though, I’m looking online again and after seeing a picture of the dress for the tenth time in an hour, I show the picture to my wife and ask her to tell me the color of the dress she’s looking at. She answers, “White and gold,” which is the same color combination I’d seen. And then something very bizarre happens. I glance at the picture again and see a blue and black dress, instead of the white and gold one. I scroll down the page to see why I’m somehow looking at a different picture and suddenly realize that the picture is the same one, yet now I am seeing a different color pattern. I hold the picture to my wife and ask, “What color is the dress now?”

  • icon Posted: February 28

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A look around the South American Paris

It’s called the South American Paris for a reason. Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city that looks and feels like a mixture of Rome, Paris, New York and Madrid, is one of the top tourist destinations in South America. 

  • icon Posted: January 11

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Online poll

What do you want to happen to the Augusta County courthouse?

The Augusta County supervisors are considering a plan to move the county courthouse from its current location in Staunton to Verona. To renovate the Staunton building, it would cost an estimated $10.2 million. To build in Verona, it would cost $11.5 million.

Total Votes: 401

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