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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The News Virginian

Waynesboro schools fall victim to computer hack

WAYNESBORO-Blank screens came up over the weekend, when someone tried to access Waynesboro High’s webpage. The same goes for the district’s page, as well as any athletic schedules. The information had been deleted, removed as part of a computer hack.

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Meadows Park prepares to host State Fair

The Meadow Event Park sits quietly in Dowsell. In just 31 days, rides, food, vendors other items will transform it into the Virginia State Fair. 

  • icon Posted: August 25

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What should happen to Waynesboro High?

Waynesboro city council will meet with school board members Aug. 27, to discuss the future of the high school and look at the different options. The school, built in 1937, has multiple structural issues to address.

Total Votes: 279

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