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WAYNESBORO—Children and adults pointed up at the sky, excitedly watching a rainbow of kites soar in the air. The Coyner Springs Kite Fly is an event for kite-lovers of all ages in Waynesboro’s back yard. However, the event is more than just flying kites.

WAYNESBORO—The Waynesboro Police Department is seeking two female suspects and one male suspect involved in thefts from both Waynesboro Kroger grocery stores on the same day earlier this month, and requests the community’s assistance in identifying the suspects. All three are Caucasian and appear to be in their mid- to late 30s.   


WAYNESBORO — Eric Wiseman measured a tree in Ridgeview Park last weekend as part of the Waynesboro Tree Workshop. The exercise was meant to be educational — which it was, in more ways than one. Turns out, the tree is now the new state champion for Virginia among shingle oaks.


WAYNESBORO — For many, autumn means pretty leaves, pumpkins, fall festivals and Halloween activities. For the Wildlife Center of Virginia, it means plenty of fawns, bears, squirrels — and acorns. Lots of acorns.

CRIMORA — Is it love? Is it lust? No, it’s a hillbilly hankerin’. The Crimora Players are back at it again, performing the play “Hillbilly Hankerin’” at the Crimora Community Center. They’ll provide dinner and the comedy to benefit of a local 6-year-old girl.

FISHERSVILLE -- Jacob Thompson ran for 210 yards and two touchdowns, and Dylan Thompson and Carter Rivenburg had two scores each as Buffalo Gap downed Wilson Memorial 41-7 in Shenandoah District football action at the Hive Friday night. 

Fifty years ago on Friday, Virginia Western Community College made history. It became the first college in the state’s community college system. Of course, it wasn’t called Virginia Western then, and had actually opened in 1961 as the Roanoke Technical Institute, an offshoot of Virginia Tech.

WAYNESBORO — Sen. Bryce Reeves is approaching his Republican bid to become Virginia's next lieutenant governor much like he has other goals in his life: with relentless pursuit.

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