WAYNESBORO — Logan's Roadhouse, a popular steakhouse off Lew Dewitt Boulevard in Waynesboro, abruptly closed its doors Tuesday, and wasted no time in taking down the familiar red "Logan's" sign on the restaurant.


VERONA — Community organizations asked to suggest future uses for the Augusta County Courthouse in Staunton offered varied responses during a meeting of the county Board of Supervisors on Monday.

WAYNESBORO — For many, autumn means pretty leaves, pumpkins, fall festivals and Halloween activities. For the Wildlife Center of Virginia, it means plenty of fawns, bears, squirrels — and acorns. Lots of acorns.

WAYNESBORO—Children and adults pointed up at the sky, excitedly watching a rainbow of kites soar in the air. The Coyner Springs Kite Fly is an event for kite-lovers of all ages in Waynesboro’s back yard. However, the event is more than just flying kites.

GREENVILLE — After her team dropped the fourth set to force a decisive fifth one, Wilson Memorial coach Lauren Grove knew it was important to come out with a fast start.

First the San Bernardino shooting, then the Pulse nightclub massacre, and now the Chelsea bombings.

WAYNESBORO — Sen. Bryce Reeves is approaching his Republican bid to become Virginia's next lieutenant governor much like he has other goals in his life: with relentless pursuit.

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