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WAYNESBORO — Area state legislators say that while Virginia’s unemployment rate is going down, jobs lost to federal sequestration several years ago are being replaced by lower-paying jobs.


STAUNTON — The Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge is accepting donations to fund a scholarship in memory of a true trailblazer — a woman who valued education and knew first-hand the opportunities it could create, regardless of age, race or gender.

In the time it takes you to read this story, five more people will have committed suicide around the world. In the U.S., someone takes their own life every 15 minutes. In all, about 40,000 Americans kill themselves each year. It’s a troubling statistic.

It was a different kind of fair for a different kind of art. But the Virginia Street Arts Festival in Waynesboro on Saturday was no less fun, festive or creative than your traditional art showcase.

WAYNESBORO — The ever-so-slight smile gives itself away before the question is even finished. The easy confidence of the high school junior comes through with a presence that draws member of his team and coaching staff towards him.

Higher education in Virginia dates to Colonial times. William and Mary is the second oldest college in the United States; Harvard opened first. Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, which boasts the nation’s most celebrated academic patrimony. The commonwealth has an enviable mix of public and private institutions. 

CRIMORA —  Protesters opposed to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline lined U.S. 340 in Crimora Monday prior to Gov. Terry McAuliffe's arrival at the Virginia Department of Forestry Center.

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