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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Orange County Review

Elementary school children are expected to learn their ABCs and their multiplication tables. At Orange Elementary School, they’re also learning how their efforts can help others in need.

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A half-dozen bloodhounds and their human entourages met in the Town of Orange last month, to exercise their instincts and hone their tracking skills.

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Much as James Madison looked at his central Virginia estate and considered how best to manage his land, the property’s current stewards maintain that legacy—even if they go about it a little differently.

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For years, former Orange County Review owner and editor Duff Green shared a weekly photograph from either his collection or the Review's archives.

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Girls finish regular season on winning note

A partisan home crowd unleashed their full and extremely vocal encouragement last Friday evening as the Orange County High School varsity girls basketball team rolled past Powhatan 59-35 on senior night at the Hornet Sports Center.

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Good news! There's also good news

People often complain the media is filled with too much "bad" news (not that it stops them from reading or watching). At local, community news outlets, however, we find there's much more good news to report than bad. Much, much more.

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O.C. breakfast program gets first lady's attention

Everyone enjoys getting a pat on the back. Orange County Public Schools food service coordinator Linda Blair got one recently from an unexpected source—the governor’s mansion.

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