Six Orange County 4-H delegates attended State 4-H Congress last month for state competitions, leadership experiences, workshops with college professors, and a college and career fair. Held at Virginia Tech, 4-H Congress is the premier teen event for Virginia 4-H. 

Orange County High School announces starting dates for the 2016 fall sports season.

Did you know that in Orange County there are some 2,000 families that will struggle, if able at all, to provide basic school supplies for their children? Can you imagine how embarrassing and frightening it must be for a child to be without pencils or crayons? Simple, basic, inexpensive things that many of us wouldn’t even think about giving our kids before heading them off to school.

Children are the innocents of the world. Little smiles. Open hearts. Open arms. Almost always helpless to life’s challenges.


While environmental themes have recently become some of the hottest trends, “every day is earth day” at the 2016 4-H Cloverbud Day Camp. Through identifying different wildlife tracks, learning how to make crayons and turning water bottles into works of art, campers will learn how various natural resources are utilized and recycled. 

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