After months of work, a town hall meeting with more than 100 residents and heightened community interest, the proposed Barboursville Village Overlay District (BVOD) is scheduled for its first official public hearing.

If the Orange County High School varsity field hockey squad can harness their harmony this season, it should be a banner year for the Hornets.

When more than 4,800 county children head back to school Monday, they face another year of promise, another year of learning and another year of preparation for life.


As I stated in last week’s column, it will take some time to flesh out the lives and the laws that impacted the rights or lack thereof for free black men and women in Virginia during the long period of slavery. Were their marriages legally recognized? Could they own property or a business? Will the research reveal that they were indeed better off than those enslaved and in what manner or did they live a life that was constantly threatened and possibly on the brink of enslavement?

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