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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Post-graduation plans

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Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 8:32 pm | Updated: 8:35 pm, Wed Jun 19, 2013.

What are your plans after high school?

My plan after high school is to go to Germanna for two years to get my business degree, then go to a four-year college at Lake Erie to study and become a professional horse trainer and open a successful horse boarding facility.

Chloé Krauth

After high school I plan to attend Germanna Community College for two years. I plan to study education and become a teacher.

Carson Yager

I plan to work full-time to attend college in the future. I have two jobs at Country Cookin’ and Family Dollar, so it should not take too long to save up.

Justin Rivera

I will be attending the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. I plan to major in art.

Taylor McKenzie Richardson

Piedmont, then transfer to JMU – major in hospitality with a minor in business.

Taylor Ashlynne Young

Working at Bluegreen Resorts full time. Maybe get my CNA eventually.

Stephanie Leach

I plan on attending Longwood University and majoring in education.

Alexis Pullen

I plan to attend George Mason University to receive a bachelor’s of arts degree for English with a creative writing concentration.

Lindsay Farris

Work as an HVAC technician and go to school.

Cody Brookman

College in either Arlington or Dulles to study graphic design and hopefully find a job in northern Virginia.

Kyleen Brown

Attend VCU for music education.

Joshua Smith

Go to college.

Christie Greenia

Going to Virginia Tech. I plan to study something in the medical field.

Aysha Richardson

I will attend the College of William and Mary and study environmental science. Eventually, I would like to serve in the Peace Corps and then teach high school.

Hannah Mawyer

I plan to attend a college in Dallas, Texas. I plan to study nursing to get my vocational nursing license. I plan to work as a CNA while attending college.

Casey Brown

College for dental hygiene at Germanna Community College.

Alexandra Ruff

Tech school to learn more about computers.

Jimmy Frisbie

I plan to get some work related training and find a job.

Casey Daniel McClung

Go to Germanna for two years then transfer (nursing program). I want to be a nurse and work at a hospital.

Gabriella Barone

I plan to go to Germanna Community College for two years and then transfer into nursing school.

Sarah Bernd

I am planning to attend Germanna Community College in the fall to study nursing.

Cassidy Ramey

After I finish my course of studies at OCHS, I plan to further my education to reach my goal of becoming an engineer.

Anthony Lucas

Going back to school for CNA, then go to Germanna to do social work and nursing classes.

Kayla Marie Kennedy

I will be entering an apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Jacob D. Pugh

Attend Fort Valley State University in Georgia.

Brianna Holmes

My potential plans after high school are attending college, two years at Germanna Community College, then transferring to Mary Washington College to become a cosmetologist and minor in business management.

Caitlyn Ann Marie Maness

U.S. Army

Chris Shackleton

I plan to attend Shenandoah University to major in nursing.

Katelyn Collier

I plan to attend Ferrum College for four years. I will be majoring in criminal justice.

Ryan Almond

I plan on attending Randolph-Macon College in the fall and majoring in biology.

Kayla Robinson

I plan to attend Randolph College in the fall. I want to follow the path of pre-med and major in either biology or physiology. I want to become an OB-GYN.

Marissa Rain McKemie

I plan on attending University of Mary Washington and majoring in environmental science.

Megan Fowler

After high school I am planning on attending Lynchburg College for four years and studying to become a social worker.

Erin Ellington

Attending Virginia State University and majoring in psychology.

Ashunta Johnson

I plan to attend Piedmont Community College to major in early childhood development.

Tatyana Jackson

George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia – major in forensic science and minor in chemistry.

Krysalyn Gerhardt

I plan to attend Germanna Community College for two years with an associate’s degree in police science. Then transfer to George Mason for two more years to get a bachelor’s in police science.

Patrick W. O’Connor III

Undecided – possibly start with a two year college and see where that may lead me.

Morgan B. Eustler

I will be attending PVCC’s nursing program to become a registered nurse.

Colleen Thomas

Work for a year or two, then maybe go to a nursing college.

Shakira Nicole Carey

To attend Piedmont and work at State Farm.

Nikaya Turner

I will be taking a year off to do mission work with Adventures in Missions to Africa to work in an orphanage; Asia to help rescue girls from the sex trade; and Central America to work with at risk teens. Upon returning, I will start college to pursue a career in art therapy.

Jaci Savage

I plan to go to Germanna Community College for two years, then transfer to a four-year college to minor in English and major in fire science so that I may become a firefighter.

Kala Curtis

Attend Randolph Macon College – majoring in biology/pre-med track.

Caitlan Treat

I want to attend Woodrow Wilson to learn about taking care of animals. Or learning about working in restaurants – I hope I will be working at Mario’s.

Ashley Maddox

To attend Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA to study nursing.

Joanie Johnson

I do plan to work full time until I go into the military.

Ayesha Gannaway

I plan to attend a four-year university and major in business/finance. I am undecided on what university I am attending.

Samuel Frankfort

I plan on going to PVCC then transferring to Longwood or JMU. I’m studying to become a math teacher.

Sarah Oehmke

Go to Virginia Tech to study in animal science to get a job as a zoo vet.

Shane Softy

I will be studying engineering at Virginia Tech.

Ethan David Morrison

My plan after high school is to attend George Mason University and major in computer science.

Tré Williams

GWU, Army. Music/National Choir.

Ryan G. Johnson-Elliot

I plan to attend Germanna Community College and get my associate’s degree in nursing and then complete an associate’s to master’s program for nursing also. I plan to work at a local hospital.

Danielle Wallace

My plans include going to Radford University to get my degree in business and continuing on to work in a fashion magazine as a layout editor.

Erin Kreiter

I plan to attend Virginia Tech in the fall. I am in the Pamplin College of Business, undecided.

Courtney Davies

Sweet Briar College, Amherst, VA

Emily Digney

Piedmont Vocational College – computer sciences.

Rashad J. Robinson

Attend William and Mary and study architecture or foreign culture.

Sadie Meadows

My plan is to go to JMU in Virginia to study health sciences.

Haley Jones

I plan to study English at the University of Virginia.

Rebecca Eichmann

After high school I plan to go to college to be a private investigator or crime scene investigator. I don’t know what college yet. I’m still looking.

Kira Clore

After high school I plan to attend East Tennessee State University with an intended major in dental hygiene.

Kristen Cook

I am going to attend PVCC for two years, then transfer to JMU to attain my bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

Lauren Bragan

My plan after high school is to attend a two year college via Germanna. I would like to major in criminal justice and transfer into UVA.

Connor Murphy

I plan to attend Germanna Community College and pursue an associate’s degree in registered nursing, then transfer to a four-year university to earn my BSN.

Grace Anderson

To attend Lone Star College in Conroe, Texas. I’m going to be studying sonography or dental hygiene.

Alysha Renae Mathus

I am attending James Madison University where I will major in English.

Lauren Neely

Christopher Newport University – political science/leadership, law school.

Erin Peake


Terence White

I plan on enlisting in the United States Army after high school.

Tyler Morris

Virginia School of Massage.

Jessica Ashley Spencer

Going to the Navy.

Milton Darden, III

Attending the University of South Alabama. I plan on pursuing a career in nursing.

Courtney Schill

To attend Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA and major in psychology and then become a social worker.

Jasmine Smith

I plan to go to Germanna College for about two years, then transfer to VCU. I plan to go there for dentistry.

Sierra Monique Jones

Attend Germanna Community College. After earning my associate’s degree, I plan to attend a four-year university and major in film.

Ryan Michael Schumacher

I plan on going to college at Virginia Wesleyan College. I plan on entering the pre-med program to eventually become a psychiatrist.

Katlin Sue Duboski-Ledee

I will attend a four-year college. I will got to PVCC and then transfer. I will be studying music education.

Suzette Thoms

Following high school, I will be attending the University of Virginia’s engineering school in order to obtain a biomedical engineering degree. After receiving this degree, I will apply to medical school in hopes of becoming a cardiologist.

Benjamin Barclay Morris

After high school I will be going to Livingstone College in North Carolina. I will be studying social work to get my bachelor’s degree, and then I will transfer to Fordham University to get my doctoral degree in social work.

Sola Greenhow

I plan to major in business at Virginia Tech.

Marguerite Campbell McCord

I plan to attend Piedmont Community College for a year and then transfer to a four-year college where I will study sports medicine.

Ryan Hoffmann

At the present time, I am working full time on a dairy farm in Gordonsville.

Michael Christopher Maxwell

Attend Ohio State University and major in aeronautical engineering. I plan to join the Navy after college to become a pilot.

Rebecca Vilcheck

I plan on attending Randolph Macon College to play baseball and get a degree in business/economics.

Lonnie Dillard, Jr.

I plan to attend Radford University and major in sports medicine and then continue on to physical therapy school.

Abby Foster

Two years at Germanna Community College and then transfer to a four-year school. I plan to major in biology.

Hannah Carelli

My plans after high school are to attend Coastal Carolina University and major in exercise and sports science and later on become either a strength and conditioning coach or athletic trainer for the high school or college level.

Caroline Callaway

I will be in the Navy.

Ryan Eilers

College – Germanna Community College, nursing program.

Daniela Barone

I plan to attend Old Dominion University and study business administration.

Dillon Johnson

I will be attending Randolph College in the fall to study biology.

Katherine Michaela Phillips

I plan to attend Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA for a music production and recording technology degree. I hope to be able to help aspiring artists record their work and become a better musician myself as well.

Taylor Hazelton

I plan to attend Roanoke College to study theater and communications. I am not sure of what I want to do after college.

Conor Martin

Germanna Community College in Locust Grove, nursing studies.

Charmesa Monroe


Nicholina Naa Karley Lutterodt

I will go back to Germany and finish my last two school years. After graduating in Germany, I am going to study psychology or law (in one of our bigger cities, not in America).

Yara Stoye

Randolph-Macon College, sports exercise major, varsity cheerleader.

Morgan Sidle

Go to PVCC for nursing and plan to transfer and specialize at UVA.

Amanda Thorsted

Army, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Kelly Shry

PVCC, Charlottesville. Sonographer at Rosewood Village Charlottesville, Virginia.

Jessica Abbs

I’m not sure exactly, but I hope to attend a two-year college and then transfer to a four-year college. That is if I don’t get a job in the company where my brother-in-law works.

Jacob Mummert

I am planning to attend UNCW for the next four years to major in athletic training/physical therapy.

Rebecca Phipps

I wish to be a nurse, and I plan to go to Germanna.

Destinee Martin

I plan to attend Woodrow Wilson and take classes and training to be a chef.

Tamra Ryan

I plan to attend George Mason University and study computer science.

Jack Chisenhall

After high school I plan to attend VCU. My course of study is psychology, and I hope to become a mentor to young adolescents.

Sharron McDaniel

United States Marine Corps boot camp.

Herson Rodriguez-Ramos

Trade school.

Dylan Harrison

I plan to go to James Madison University with an undecided major.

Bailey S. Good

I plan to attend community college for one or two years, then transfer to VCU to obtain my BFA in fashion design.

Kanesha Jackson

I will be attending Tennessee Tech University with a major in music education.

Erin Paxton

I plan to attend Longwood University. I am undecided in my major.

Katelyn Gibson

Going to Germanna to study psychology.

Arzoun Hussain

My plan as of right now is to continue working full time at my job.

Candiace Anderson

I plan to work full time in the state of North Carolina.

Lauren C. Randall

St. Paul’s College.

Jessette Spencer

I’m probably going to go to Germanna for two years and transfer to a four-year college. I want to do nursing and become an RN.

Aysha Blue

I plan to attend Virginia Tech and major in biochemistry and possibly minor in genetic engineering. I hope to get a job dealing with lab samples or working in the engineering field somewhere in Northern Virginia.

Allison Norberg

I plan to attend the University of Virginia to major in nanomedicine engineering.

Kayla Matis

I will be attending Hampden-Sydney College and I intend to major in economics and business.

Zachary Boyd Miksovic

I will be attending George Mason University where I will study computer science.

Dale Elworth Jackson, Jr.

I plan on attending Morris College in South Carolina to study and earn my degree in nursing.

Brittany Davis

Sometime further down maybe join the Army but right now join the National Guard.

Harold Shifflett

Possibly attend a community college or ATI in Virginia Beach for automotive work.

André Milton

Mary Baldwin College, major in biology.

Kristen Anderson

I plan to attend Radford University to major in elementary education.

William Jake Bledsoe

Going to college.

Amber Herring

I plan to go to Mary Baldwin College to major in psychology and minor in music to obtain a career in music therapy either at a hospital or own my own business.

Hannah Payette

I plan to attend Radford University to study biology and obtain my teaching license.

Daniel Myers

I plan to attend Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. I also plan on majoring in physics while also studying theatre and participating in CNU’s “Marching Captains” marching band.

David Jarman

I plan to attend trade school to become an electrician.

Kevin Beasley

Go to community college and then attend culinary arts school.

Brittany Jackson

I plan to attend Virginia Tech to obtain a degree in agribusiness to be able to own and operate a farm of my own in the future.

Garret Chambers

I will continue working at Orange Pharmacy while taking EMT classes.

S. Abby Kirk

University of Virginia.

Nqobile Mthethwa

I plan on going to the Air Force or doing criminal investigations.

Charnise Warren

Germanna for one year, then transferring to a four-year university.

Breanna Collins


Justin Gibson

Virginia Commonwealth University studying forensics, chemistry and biology.

Brandon Putnam

To attend Germanna for two years then transfer to a four-year school.

Jace Justus

I plan to attend the Art Institute of Virginia majoring in art education.

Bethany Marie Buchanan

I will be attending Germanna Community College and working full time.

Erin Elizabeth Nicholson

I will be attending Virginia Tech and will most likely major in elementary education or psychology.

Taylor Bennett

Go to Germanna Community College and then transfer to Mary Washington University. I plan to get my master’s degree in health care administration and work at Mary Washington Hospital.

Jan Meade

Join the Marine Corps.

Erika Benavides

I will attend the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. I will be studying photography.

Jade Davis

My plan is to work part time with my CNA and go to college for my RN.

Yasmin Delcid

I plan to work full time at Dogwood Village Nursing Home. Then I will go to Germanna Community College and major in nursing.

Heather Ann Lynch

I will attend James Madison University to study biology and psychology.

Grace Hynes

Attend James Madison University and major in history and minor in political science.

Ryan E. Johnson

I plan to attend Christopher Newport University and have not decided what I will study.

Sarah Allman

I will attend Hollins University in Roanoke to study communications.

Angelina Crews

I will be joining the Army for military police.

Marisela Bravo

College – Alabama – chemistry.

Krishan Brown

I plan to get a job, attend a community college (Germanna for culinary and ITT) then transfer to VCU or UVA.

Isaiah Hutchinson

I plan to attend Mary Washington for a year and then transfer to Virginia Tech.

Kain Justice Sigler

College: I want to do one year in community college then transfer to VCU. I plan to study graphic design.

Denisha Hillian

JMU for nursing.

Eliza Atkins

After high school I plan on going to Bridgewater College.

Whitney Henderson

I plan to go to Tennessee to live with my boyfriend and when he gets done with school, we will move back here and I will attend Germanna.

Laura Reyes

To go to Germanna for three years then to vet school at Virginia Tech.

Katelyn Mix

I will attend College of William and Mary where I will swim on the varsity swim team.

Alex Montes de Oca

Wrestle for George Mason University while studying history and political science.

Sean Raftery

Radford University, nursing.

Alison Clevenger


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