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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Rural Virginian

  • Wheel in snow

    An old wagon wheel along Route 683 in Fluvanna collects snow as a snowstorm passes through the region.
  • Dog in snow

    A red-nosed dog got out to run and play in over 15 inches of accumulated snow.
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Seniors shine for Covenant in win over Eastern Mennonite

Following the Covenant boys basketball team’s 47-34 triumph over Eastern Mennonite on Thursday, senior guard Seth Dalton entered the postgame meeting room with an envelope in his hand.

Opinion/Editorial: Proffers bill comes with some pitfalls

Opponents of proffers make a case that the system of requiring developers to pay for infrastructure has sometimes been abused. Fair enough. We’re still not persuaded, though, that Richmond’s intervention won’t create troublesome unintended consequences.

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