A former Precious Blood Catholic Church priest received a 30-day suspended jail sentence Wednesday stemming from an encounter last October in which he groped the breasts of an 87-year-old parishioner.

It's All About You on June 10th


Red pandas are tree-dwelling animals native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

As the playoffs continue, so do rainouts and scheduling crises. Here’s the latest on how things have worked out:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe is calling for new state rules designed to limit power plants’ carbon emissions and encourage broader use of clean energy sources. The subject remains politically controversial and divisive as is the climate change issue overall, but the move could boost Virginia’s solar…

Authorities seized about $7,000 worth of heroin and arrested two Albemarle County residents in Charlottesville on Tuesday.

Celebrated in a variety of ways from speeches to wreath-laying ceremonies and picnics to parades; there is no manner of politics or disputes that divide our nation on the importance of Memorial Day.

The future of Virginia’s Medicaid program never has been more uncertain as a new legislative subcommittee forms to take a hard look at ways to provide health care to the state’s neediest people.The failed plan proposed by President Donald Trump and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to re…

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