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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

READER’S VIEWS: Let's get Cantor's ideas out of the way

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Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 6:52 am, Tue Dec 4, 2012.

Eric Cantor and his extremist wing of the Republican Party are again holding 98 % of Americans and 97 % of American business hostage. Grover Norquist and his billionaire bosses have given the orders and Eric Cantor will obey. He will prevent lower taxes for 98 % of Americans in order to provide low taxes for the superrich. Republicans like to call the superrich “job creators” but that is a lie. The superrich are the investment class. The huge amounts of money they make do not create jobs but goes into stock investments and off shore accounts. That money does not get spent; it does not go back into the economy but into money held out of circulation by the superrich.

The best economy I’ve seen in my lifetime was under Bill Clinton in the 1990s. The tax rate for the superrich at that time was 39.5 % and they made lots of money. Actually, the American economy ran a surplus and was doing great until Bush did the Bush tax cuts and reduced that superrich rate from 39.5 % to 35 %. That move failed and the national debt increased. We know what works. It worked under Clinton and will work here if we can only get Eric Cantor and his billionaire controllers out of the way.

Eric Cantor wants to reduce entitlements. Interesting word, entitlements. Entitlements are not giveaway. Entitlements are things we are entitled to because we earned them. We paid for these entitlements with our cash money and/or earned benefits from our labor. Social Security, military retirement, military health care, federal service retirement, and Medicare are all earned benefits. Eric Cantor wants to take our money and give it to the superrich so they can add to their stock portfolio and off shore investments.

This weekend, I heard Grover Norquist threaten three Republican Congressmen on national TV. His thinly veiled threat was that if these Congressmen do not follow his instructions on taxes his billionaire bosses will fund candidates against them. Find a new Congressman they can buy. Grover even tried to equate the “Grover Tax Pledge” to Republican Representative Peter King’s marriage vows.

What an insult! This unelected, K Street lobbyist is strutting around threatening Republican congressmen and Eric Cantor and his republican buddies just rollover and take it. If the Republicans had any guts they would, as a group, repudiate any dealings with Grover Norquist and ride this unelected demigod out of Washington on a rail.


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