February 7, 2016

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PERSPECTIVE: Ways to avoid the pitfalls of overdraft fees

Most of us have incurred a bank fee for an overdraft at least once in our life. It can happen when some company takes more money out of your account than you expected or that they should have. Or if you deposit a check that you had every reason to think was good, but it wasn't, and you wrote a check that you thought was less than your bank balance. In the old days, you just got a check returned for insufficient funds. You got a charge from the bank and often a charge from whomever you wrote the check to. A double whammy. But now banks have convinced people to sign up for an innocuous-sounding "overdraft protection" service.  

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Friday 02/05/2016
Donnie Johnston: Hate helps drive U.S. economy
Posted: February 05, 2016

Almost every day, we hear some declare, “It would be so wonderful if we could rid the world of hate.”

GOP makes the right call on loyalty pledge
Posted: February 05, 2016

The Republican Party of Virginia made the right call when it reversed its decision to require a loyalty pledge for the March 1 primaries.

The perils of political hindsight in Iowa
Posted: February 05, 2016

On to New Hampshire. But first, before it fades, here's what's in the rear-view mirror in Iowa.

Thursday 02/04/2016
HUMOR: Study shows cows are udderly terrifying
Posted: February 04, 2016

Cows are stone-cold killers.

Wednesday 02/03/2016
HINKLE: Presidential politics — throw the bums in
Posted: February 03, 2016

Iowans held their caucuses (cauci?) Monday. Not that it matters. Iowa does a lousy job of predicting final winners even in normal elections, which this isn’t. Besides, the results left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths — as, it seems likely, the rest of the election year will do.

ZANN'S PLACE: Mardi Gras: not just a string of beads!
Posted: February 03, 2016

No one in their right mind would suggest that there is any true Mardi Gras festival other than the one celebrated in New Orleans (NOLA)! OK, so I am a bit partial! Nonetheless, kudos to Culpeper for doing its own part Saturday, Feb. 6 to celebrate the season known by many names — Carnival, Mardi Gras and Shrovetide. Despite what you call it, or where one celebrates the festivities, there is no doubt that inquiring minds want to know just what is the reason for the season.

Tuesday 02/02/2016
Don't take life for granted
Posted: February 02, 2016

Don’t take for granted what you have today — you may not be lucky enough to have it tomorrow.  You should always be thankful for all you have, because no matter the situation, there is always someone who wishes they could be in your shoes.

Sunday 01/31/2016
Student focused leadership builds a strong foundation
Posted: January 31, 2016

On Jan. 11, the Culpeper County School Board also demonstrated that they “have it right” when they approved a resolution based on the 2015-16 Academic Year theme, “Student Focused Leadership.”

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