"Icelandic Poppies"

"Icelandic Poppies" and other works by photographer James Marshall can be seen in "Greenhouse Blossoms in a Portrait Studio," his new exhibit in the Second-Floor Hall at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital through Aug. 3. Photo by James Marshall. #nosale

James Marshall’s latest exhibit of photographs, “Greenhouse Blossoms in a Portrait Studio,” can be seen through Aug. 3 in the Second-Floor Hall space at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Marshall is the University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson Professor of Chemistry Emeritus. His photographs “emphasize grace and beauty with occasional hints of whimsy,” according a release.

“Fred Phillips: Abstract Expressionism” can be seen through July 12 at Nichols Galleries in Barboursville.

Phillips, an award-winning landscape architect, restores ecologically ruined waterways along the Colorado River, and his paintings reflect his views of the rivers, capturing colors, light and flow. His design work has been seen in a variety of periodicals and books, including The New Yorker, Landscape Architecture, Restoration Ecology and Arizona Highways.

For details, visit frednichols.com or call (540) 832-3565.

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