You’ve got until Saturday to decide whether you want to be a swimmer — or a shark.

The Shark Fin Fun Run is set for 4 p.m. Saturday at the Paramount Theater on the Downtown Mall. Runners will dress in beach attire to play “swimmers” or shark costumes to play “sharks,” and everyone will run a loop of almost 2 miles around the Downtown Mall area.

Swimmers will try to avoid getting bitten by the sharks, who seize flag belts. The shark runner who collects the most “bites,” or flags, wins a prize. Swimmers, meanwhile, will vie for best-costume honors.

Along the way, the runners will stop at Champion Brewing Company before heading back to the Paramount for a screening of “Jaws” at 6 p.m. Champion will serve as a safe zone called Peace Point Pier; runners of both kinds can mingle and have a brew without risking bites.

After the fun run, it’s time to see the 1975 thriller that made millions of moviegoers think twice before getting in the water.

Steven Spielberg’s film was based on Robert Benchley’s 1974 novel. It stars Roy Schneider as the police chief of a small resort town in New England, Richard Dreyfuss as a marine biologist and Robert Shaw as a professional shark hunter. The spooky theme music by composer John Williams helps build tension throughout the film.

The Shark Fin Fun Run ticket is $25, which includes a special-edition 2019 Shark Fin Fun Run Paramount beach mat, one free pour at Champion and admission to the movie screening.

If you’d prefer to attend the screening without taking part in the fun-run festivities, you’ll pay $7; youth tickets are $5. Get all the details at or (434) 979-1333.

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