Jeraldine Morris Tata honored with a stained glass window

Rev. Anne West, pastor of Grace, dedicates the window with daughter, Kendall Tata. A photo of Jeraldine is in the background.

Kendall Tata honored her late mother, one of the Grande Dames of Greene County, Jeraldine Morris Tata on Sunday, June 2, with a stained glass window at Grace Episcopal Church in Stanardsville.

The small church on Main Street was full to bursting with people interested in being a part of the special celebration.

“How blessed I am to be the daughter of Jeraldine Morris (McMullen on her mother’s side) Tata,” Kendall Tata said. “Mom was born in a red brick house on Main Street three houses down from this church.”

Kendall Tata’s mother and her sister dedicated the first two stained glass windows to their parents and family in 1996.

“It seems appropriate now that the last window dedicated is for my mother as she pioneered the stain glass windows being dedicated,” she said. “I picked this window design for my mother’s favorite hymn the ‘Old Rugged Cross’.”

Kendall Tata described the symbolism of stained glass windows, as well as the focal point of her mother’s window: the palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph and eternal life; the crown represents royal authority and also eternal life; and the cross is a sign of Jesus Christ, Christianity and faith.

Cessi Howell, who knew Jeraldine Tata for 30 years offered a few remembrances.

“I have asked the question lots of times, why does everyone—and I mean everyone—love Jerry Tata? From knowing her for 30 years I can tell you the answer; because Jerry Tata loved you,” she said. “Jerry was interested in and sincerely loved others. I am so thankful to have known Jerry Tata.”

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