Confederate Cemetery

Did you know there is a confederate cemetery in the Town of Stanardsville? Storyteller Ruth Walkup will spin a yarn Sunday at the Greene County Historical Society annual meeting about some of the young men buried near Shiloh Baptist Church.

There are more than two dozen confederate soldiers from Virginia, North Carolina Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana buried there, Walkup said. Her story will focus on the group from Louisiana, who before their 30th birthdays ended up here in Virginia and died.

“I was curious about how these young men got to Greene County and died,” she said. “I chose the group from farthest away to do a story from their perspective.”

Using her professional researching skills, Walkup learned the Louisiana boys are actually from different parts of the state.

Walkup was able to piece the information together from U.S. Army records, census data, historical weather data and a chat with a Civil War buff from Louisiana.

“I’ll be making suppositions as I go along, but they’re educated and reasoned ones,” she said. “I think it will be delightful and revealing to the people of Greene County. Very few know that (memorial) is there and even less know what it stands for and who’s buried there.”

Walkup said it’s when people get interested in a little detail and start digging and exploring that these stories get told.

“There are a lot of stories in Greene and I’m just highlighting a few people who aren’t from here but are spending their eternities here,” Walkup said.

She’d like to get together a storyteller group in Greene County and has done some informal storyteller groups at the Greene County Library in the past but hasn’t seen much interest. She hopes that changes.

“I know they’re out there. You can’t have this many people in Greene who sing or tell on-the-porch stories and not have a storytelling group,” she added. “If there’s any interest, I’m willing to start a group again.”

Walkup offers this advice for people researching such stories: “Don’t give up. There are a lot of things that look like dead ends but aren’t. And anything that even shines a little bit, pick it up and follow it.”

Other annual meeting information

• There will be a brief report from local Boy Scout Garrett Ensor on his Eagle Scout project concerning Historic Stanardsville.

• There will be a short business meeting which includes the election of officers and a state of the society report by Joann Powell, president.

• There will be social time with refreshments as well.

The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 19 at the Greene County Courthouse in Stanardsville. It is open to the public as well as society members. The historical society museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. at 360 Main St., Stanardsville. For more information about the Greene County Historical Society, call (434) 985- 1834, email or visit

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