Hidden Acres Farm

Teresa Legall and her trusty sidekick Annie fish Hidden Acres Farm’s pond.

Teresa Legall dreamed of being a farmer on her own farm since she was a little girl. She grew up on a farm, but she was a child and didn’t have much say. When she was married and her children were little she lived on a 200-acre farm on Welsh Run Road that wasn’t their own, so she wasn’t able to do much more than garden. However, since 2007 she has been able to farm her own 10 acres: Hidden Acres Farm in Ruckersville.

When she was gifted the acreage from her parents her father was farming beef on the field.

“That first morning when I had that cup of coffee in my hand and had those cows in the coral to send to market that feeling was the best thing in the whole world,” she said.

Legall participates weekly in the Farmer’s Market at The Corner Store Garden Center in Ruckersville.

“I have always wanted to have a farm of my own and do what I want with it,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to be part of a farmer’s market.”

She gets to choose her own cows and chickens. She gets to decide how large to make the garden and what to plant.

“I choose everything and it makes a difference,” she said.

It is quite a hidden farm if you don’t know where to look, and it’s the perfect size for Legall; she likes being tucked away.

“I love Mother Earth. There is nothing more beautiful than a green tree; green is my favorite color,” said Legall, who does 100 percent of the farming herself. “I like hard labor. I love the smell of dirt, I like getting my feet dirty and I like the satisfaction of looking back and seeing what I’ve done.”

When she moved to the acreage in 2007, it had a little house with no extra room, three dilapidated barns and various metal tools throughout the property. Legall quickly removed the barns that were falling down and tools from the field and renovated the small house, which includes a beautiful custom kitchen, screened porch and grilling area out back. There is a pond on the property, as well.

“I made sure to paint every room in the house a different color and build a porch big enough to entertain guests,” she said.

Her Angus cows are grass-fed and she uses the controlled grazing method where she rotates the stock to certain areas of the farmland instead of allowing them free access at all times. She sells her cows at auction each year and then gets a new herd in the spring.

“When it comes to farming, chickens are the hardest workers—you can sell enough eggs to pay for cattle feed and chicken feed,” she said. “Gathering the eggs is an everyday job as is the gardening. I have a full-time job and in the spring, summer and fall months I come home from work and hit the garden.”

She also loves to experiment with her cooking and sells different dips and breads at the farmer’s market.

“I do a lot of my cooking outside for the farmer’s market,” said Legall on her screen porch last fall. “I do my canning outside. We sit out here. We do everything out here.”

Legall participated in the Greene County Farmer’s Market when it was at Tractor Supply in Ruckersville, but when it moved to Stanardsville she felt she wanted to stay in Ruckersville so she sought out a new location.

“I’m still promoting and supporting the market in Stanardsville and I’m hoping I’ll get their support,” Legall said. “They’re like a second family to me. I’m just very thankful that Leonard Lamm is letting us do it at the Corner Store.”

Other vendors at the farmer’s market in Ruckersville include K&M farm (meat), Gary Woodward (produce); Little Quarry Run Alpaca Farm LLC; and Blue Ridge Coffee Crafters. The market runs Saturdays from May 4-Oct. 26 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Corner Store Garden Center is at 7070 Seminole Trail in Ruckersville. Visit the market’s Facebook page for more information https://bit.ly/2DZb4IC or call Hidden Acre Farm at (434) 985-6423.

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