Disc Golf

In 2004, Greene County decided to expand upon the sport options at its local community park and Disc Golf was added to the Greene County Community Park with the Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club (BRDGC). Since then, hundreds of residents have enjoyed spending their time on the beautiful course, made up of 13 holes. As one of only three courses in the Charlottesville area, it’s a standout feature for Greene County. It was redesigned in 2010, with turf grass being added in 2012.

The game of disc golf is very similar to the sport of golf with players trying to get their sporting equipment into a target. In golf, it’s trying to get a ball into an in-ground hole. In disc golf, it’s throwing a flying disc toward the above-ground target, which often appears as an elevated metal basket. Just as with traditional golf, the player must shoot from wherever their last attempt ended—the ultimate goal is to land the disc directly into the basket using the fewest strokes (throws) possible.

“One of the greatest aspects of this sport is that it can be enjoyed by those across economic levels, genders, ages and physical abilities,” said Peter Vines, a member of BRDGC, earlier this month.

On Saturday, April 6, six men spent the morning at the Greene County Community Park doing what they love—disc golf. Their energy and love of the sport can be seen every Saturday, when their team gets together to practice. Of course, these Saturdays aren’t just for practicing.

Vines said these Saturdays are a time for relaxing, comradery and a source of exercise. Members practice throughout the full course honing their skills for any upcoming games, beginning early in the morning.

Two weeks ago, the players faced off in a three-on-three tournament. What is sometimes missing, however, is the element of community of involvement.

Tim Nelson, course coordinator for Greene County, said he is regularly at the park with his 14-month-old daughter and sees families enjoying the soccer fields and basketball courts. He wishes more local residents would come over to learn the sport of disc golf.

Nelson said BRDGC members would love to see more people come out and learn more about the game and possibly play. The group would also love to see more involvement from the Greene County Department of Parks and Recreation. He added, the group would love their course to become a full 18 holes.

BRDGC has built and maintains two other disc golf courses in the area—Walnut Creek Park and Meadow Creek Gardens, both in Albemarle County.

To learn more, visit the group’s website at http://brdgc.org or Facebook page at https://bit.ly/2v9Irn3.

Interested players can also head to the park on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m.

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