2017 1 year ago

Bill Martin announced this week he will seek re-election to the Stanardsville District seat on the Board of Supervisors.

“Greene County is growing up, it is changing,” said Martin, who served as chairman of the board throughout 2016. “An increasing population size and a more competitive economic environment demand thoughtful, experienced leadership with a steady hand and board members who can commit time and effort with little expectation of reward.

Serving our board takes that commitment,” he said in an emailed statement Tuesday morning.

Martin was elected to the Stanardsville seat in 2013, beating our Patsy Morris. Martin is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer with the United States Agency for International development.

2013 5 years ago

Known for his dedication and diligence both on and off duty, chief deputy Charles Russell Lane displayed a nice balance of fighting crime while generously giving back to the Culpeper community.

On Wednesday, Jan. 2, Lane lost his long battle against cancer at the UVA Medical Center. He was 58.

His 28- year law enforcement career began as a volunteer reserve police officer for the Culpeper Police Department in 1984.

He stayed with the Culpeper Police Department for 15 years before leaving with former Culpeper County Sheriff Jim Branch.

In Jan. 2012, Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith selected Lane as his chief deputy.

“Russell’s dedication, loyalty and service to our community will not be forgotten,” responded Branch.

200810 years ago

With the number of students with diabetes and other chronic illnesses on the rise in Greene’s school system, county schools officials are asking for more help in providing care for them.

“Last year we had less than five diabetics in the school system, but right now we have 13,” says Greene County Public School Nurse Kelly Shifflett. “There’s a rise in chronic illnesses, and we are caring for children who are chronically ill.”

In addition to attending to student with diabetes, Shifflett says there are “hundreds” of students who suffer from asthma. And she adds, “We give psychiatric medications every day.”

Shifflett says: “School care is not just putting on a Band-Aid or giving Tylenol anymore.”

1993 25 years ago

Greene county schools are getting bigger. Unfortunately, it’s the student body and not the brick walls that are expanding.

Since October, county schools have only increased by seven students overall.

That figure is misleading, however. While the higher grades are either losing students or remaining stable, the primary and elementary schools are increasing at a startling rate.

At the beginning of the school year, Greene County Schools reported an increase of nine percent over last year’s total student enrollment. Basically, that’s about 171 extra students.

Greene County Primary School has been the hardest hit. Principal Bill Wade and his staff have enrolled 21 new students since Oct. 1, including nine just last week.

1968 50 years ago

A study conducted by The Research Institute of America comes up with the frightening conclusion that the United States has approximately eight years in which to show young people that free enterprise, and not government, sparks this nation.

Jeffery St. John, Institute consultant, after five months on 12 campuses interviewing 5,000 students, notes that in eight years the nation will have its 200th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence from England. Says Mr. St. John, “Right now and for the next few years, the new generation will be open to any real or counterfeit appeal that comes along—including the notion that free enterprise is a quaint irrelevancy.”


1928 90 years ago

A few weeks past the agricultural boys organized themselves into a chapter of the Future Farmers of Virginia. Later the same boys organized among themselves a thrift bank which is one of the functions of the F.F.V. The purpose of this is to encourage the boys to save their money.

The following were elected officers of the thrift bank; Lewis Powell, president; Lawrence Wetsel, vice president; William Wetzel, secretary and Watson Jones, cashier. The cashier will be changed every two months.

The following rules were set up:

  1. The bank is to be known as the Spotswood F.F.V. thrift bank.

  2. A boy must save and invest $15 each year to be a member.

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