Since the first social distancing measures went into effect last month and with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s newest stay at home order, gyms and fitness groups have been closed and those seeking exercise have to do so in areas where they can practice good social distancing measures, such as staying six feet apart from others at all times and wearing masks when appropriate.

Ruckersville resident and personal trainer Kelly Jane Chivvis is offering online fitness and nutrition classes, personal training via cell phone app and free advice for all in as many ways as she can while respecting the social distancing measures mandated by the government and CDC guidelines.

“As a mompreneur, I would say I am the most greatly impacted by my 4-year-old son being home full time from his preschool long before summer break,” Chivvis said. “While I’ve been building a business from the ground up with him by my side all along, I write yearly and quarterly plans to work with his half-day school schedule, and the time it leaves me for behind-the-scenes (computer and filming) work … that’s all changed. It’s a difficult balance to be a stay-at-home mom and grow a business; I can feel his pain and frustration from school closures, and it sure piles on the mom guilt when I need to sit down in front of a computer or phone for hours on end.”

Kelly Jane Fitness has been offering live-streamed group fitness and personal training classes since 2018, called #KJLIVE. “As many trainers and gyms have now resorted to similar offerings, my clients and I have been making light-hearted jokes that I was live streaming fitness before (it) was cool,” Chivvis said.

Unfortunately, now that all such classes are mandated to take place online, Chivvis worries about her clients who do not have high-speed internet at their disposal or are in need of more specialized work that would be best done in person.

“I consider myself a non-scale victory guru and personal development leader as much as a trainer,” she said. “I am a huge advocate of getting outside, first and foremost. A 20-minute walk in fresh air can be a game changer for the mental state. Beyond that, the basics never go out of style – push ups, sit ups, planks, body weight squats, etc. will always do the body good when done with correct form and intention.”

Current and new clients can take advantage of Chivvis’s group fitness membership with a new all-access monthly pass, available at a discounted rate now via @KellyJaneFitness on Facebook or Instagram. The pass grants unlimited access to eight monthly group classes for the price of three, including weight lifting, cardio and even a “Sip & Stretch: After Hours” class for physical and mental health recovery with a glass of wine in hand.

“There are other group fitness enrollment options beyond the all-access, with drop-ins and monthly single class enrollments,” Chivvis said. “I continue to offer personal training via #KJLIVE, personal training via an app, and nutrition leadership. All walks of fitness are welcome to any of it, from the newest of newbies to elite athletes, youth to seniors. My ability to modify for every level is something I am proud of.”

In case you cannot afford a monthly membership or are worried about your home internet access, Chivvis outlines a simple at-home workout routine for our readers.

“Intervals are, by far, the standard for ease. They eliminate the uncertainty of keeping track of reps or sets and allow you to focus on form instead, and give a clear start and finish,” she said. “For a less-intense interval, I recommend starting with 30 to 45 seconds of movement, with a 30 second rest. For a more intense interval, I recommend starting with 30 to 60 seconds of movement, with a 10 to 20 second rest.”

When creating a total-body workout, Chivvis says to choose six to 10 moves from all over the body, including upper body, core, and lower body and to alternate them. An example follows:

1. Push ups

2. Elbow plank

3. Tricep dips

4. Crunches

5. Glute bridges

6. Squats

7. Calf raises

“You can see how in that sequence, I hit every major set of muscles, with a smooth sequence of working on the floor to standing,” Chivvis said. “Now take those moves and set them to the appropriate intervals, repeat 3 to 5 times, and you have yourself a great workout. Of course don’t forget to get in a warm-up and cool down as well.”

For more information or to contact Kelly Jane Fitness, visit @KellyJaneFitness on Facebook or Instagram or email Chivvis at

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