GCPS central office updates school board on activities since closure

Greene County Public Schools has served more than 31,000 meals since Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam closed school, first temporarily on March 13 and then for the remainder of the year on March 27, Dr. Kyle Pursel told the School Board on May 13.

“We served over 440 meals today—we actually ran out so we took a list of people when they came after we ran out and we will deliver to those families tomorrow,” said Pursel, director of administrative services for the school system. “A big thank you to Jennifer Williams, our school nutrition director, as well as all of the cafeteria workers, for preparing all of that food because it is a great undertaking. They do a fantastic job and it’s a great thing for us to be providing to our students and to our families in this way.”

He added that bus drivers are helping to deliver food to the families. He said they’re also getting buses ready for an annual review of the seats.

“I think it’s important to mention that (transportation) is having weekly zoom meetings with their drivers,” Pursel said. “It’s not a requirement, but they are meeting. There are times where they do some quizzes, like pre-trip quizzes, to make sure people are staying up with their requirements. It’s just kind of a nice way for them to stay in touch with one another.”

Pursel said custodians at the buildings are deep-cleaning and disinfecting the schools.

“I would anticipate that when we return back there will be potentially some changes in how some of the cleaning processes go,” he said. “And so, we’ll continue to update them and continue to keep informed on what that will look like.”

Planning Commission approves rezoning request in Dyke

The Greene County Planning Commission unanimously approved Wednesday, May 20 a rezoning request from residential R-1 to B2 business for a portion of the property where Maybelle’s Store is under construction. The site is where the old Dyke Store used to be.

“The business owner (Nine-Point Ventures LLC) is rebuilding and adding additional services to the community in this more remote area, providing services and shopping and dining in that area that do not currently exist,” said Jim Frydl, director of planning and zoning administrator. “Because the site has to fit modern standards, they need to do a pretty common task, which is a boundary line adjustment, in order for the building to meet the setback requirements.”

The setback requirements are the required standards for how far a building must be from the boundary line of a parcel.

“And what the property owner worked out with the neighboring property was to expand the parcel a little bit to the west, in order to have enough room for the building to meet all the regulations so that they could provide the services necessary or the desired services for the community,” Frydl said.

Since the parcel is surrounded by R-1 properties, expanding the boundary requires a rezoning hearing for that part of the new parcel, Frydl said.

There were no concerns from any of the different agencies, such as the Virginia Department of Transportation and Frydl said it fits the goals of the comprehensive plan to encourage tourism. The property the old Dyke Store was situated on was already zoned for business.

No one spoke during the public hearing.

Steve Kruskamp motioned for the approval and Mike Traber seconded. Commissioner John McCloskey was absent for the vote.

Greene County EDA officers elected

The Greene County Economic Development Authority chose its officers for the coming year, beginning July 1, at its May 19 virtual regular meeting.

James Tsikerdanos was nominated by Whit Ledford and approved unanimously to serve as chairman. Michael Payne, former chairman, was nominated by Julia Roberts and approved unanimously to serve as vice chair. Matt Sweetanos was nominated by Payne to serve as secretary/treasurer for the board.

“Thank you folks for agreeing to serve us for the coming year,” Payne said. “The challenges as a result of COVID and the economic collapse that we’re all facing will make what you are getting ready to do ever more important.”

Matt Dillon was the only member not present for the vote.

—Compiled by Terry Beigie

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