Machinery and tools tax increased after typo

The Greene County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted last Tuesday to raise the machinery and tools tax rate for fiscal year 2020 back to $2.50 per $100 of assessed value after a public hearing where no one spoke.

At the April 23 meeting, the board approved a $2 tax rate for industrial machinery and tools because of a typo in the advertised rates, which was a deficit of more than $30,000 for the fiscal year 2020 budget.

The board approved a resolution to put the tax rate back to the previous $2.50 at the May 14 meeting after advertising the corrected rate.

Tracy Morris, finance director for Greene County, told the board it affects five taxpayers in the county, who all had been notified by the treasurer.

Supervisors unanimously approve fiscal 20 budget

The Greene County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the $94,766,011 fiscal year 2020 budget at the May 14 regular meeting.

There were no adjustments to the budget from the public hearing on April 23 to that meeting. Two items did have reductions that were moved to the contingency fund line item, according to Tracy Morris, finance director for Greene County. The $20,000 for the economic development line item for an enterprise center scrapped and the extra $10,000 that had been budgeted for the required position in the commonwealth attorney’s office was removed after a memorandum of understanding was signed last month. The board is scheduled vote on that at the next meeting.

Supervisors increase cost of building permits for fiscal 20

The supervisors also unanimously approved increase building permit fees for the coming fiscal year at an estimated revenue increase of $65,000 to the county. This is the first increase to the fees since 2011.

“We have folks who have joined us who are analyzing the (numbers) in different ways,” said Ruckersville Supervisor Michelle Flynn. “I have concerns about the percentage increase we’re looking at all at one time. I hope moving forward future boards will not be faced with as big of an increase all at one time.”

Permit fees for new residences at 2,500 square feet with a 1,000 square foot unfinished basement will rise from $750 to $1,150. Previously there was no charge to basements however they require three-four inspections, said Steve Borders, building official for Greene County. Commercial permits for an apartment complex like Terrace Greene, for example, would rise from $25,241 to $41,017.

“If it needs to be done, it needs to be done; if it’s the right thing to do, it’s the right thing to do,” Flynn said. Borders said fees should be looked at every two years. “I’ve been trying to do this for several years,” he said.

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