The Ruckersville Advisory Committee (RAC) gave its first recommendations to the Greene County Board of Supervisors at its Jan. 28 meeting.

The RAC, a group of private citizens, business owners and other stakeholders in the area, began in 2018 after a recommendation from the Ruckersville Area Plan was incorporated into the county’s comprehensive plan. The Ruckersville small area plan outlined 26 recommendations for the area between the intersection of U.S. Routes 29 and 33 and the intersection of Matthew Mill Road and U.S. 29.

Patrick Moctezuma, president of RAC, offered a rundown of the committee’s activity throughout 2019 and what the committee would recommend the supervisors tackle.

“The last several months RAC’s focused most of its attention on the streetscape and beautification plan in the Ruckersville Area Plan,” Moctezuma said. “To reduce clutter on U.S. Route 29, perform a sign audit on signs within Virginia Department of Transportation’s right of way, including VDOT directional and no parking signs, with the goal of requesting unnecessary or excessive signage be removed.”

RAC also recommended the county review enforcement codes regarding temporary signage, as well as the position of the Welcome to Greene signs on Route 29 to ensure the best placement. Additionally, it was suggested perhaps a mural could be put on the green water plant that sits on Route 29 south as traffic enters into Greene County.

RAC also recommended more frequent mowing of medians utilizing contractors, which is done in other nearby localities.

Moctezuma said he’s hopeful the citizens academy will encourage more people to become active participants in county government.

“I’ve agreed to step up as chairman of the committee for the coming year,” he said. “I personally joined the committee in order to give Twin Lakes subdivision a voice. The committee really needs more private individuals, especially business owners and merchants from Ruckersville, to join and have their input on how the plan will be implemented.”

Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Martin said it’s a struggle to get people to participate. In last week’s newspaper, an advertisement noted several current opportunities for the public to become involved, including: alternates for Board of Zoning Appeals and two members for the Board of Zoning Appeals; Economic Development Authority; Equalization Board; Jefferson Area Board for Aging Board of Directors; Piedmont Workforce Network Board; and the Rivanna River Basin Commission.

Other recommendations and updates included:

• Create a comprehensive zoning audit to be sure the county’s zoning matches what the community wants to see happen in that area

• Begin a citizens academy to help residents understand county government’s processes and make it easier for people to participate

• The RAC was unable to identify other viable event opportunities in the county that had not already been tried

Moctezuma said RAC decided to address the short-term goals and ones that could be completed within the next 18 months.

The Ruckersville Area Plan is a 10-year plan and was adopted in June 2018 as an addendum to the comprehensive plan.

Editor, Greene County Record

Terry Beigie is the Editor of the Greene County Record in Stanardsville. She can be reached at or (434) 985-2315.

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