Bull Yearling Road in Stanardsville may be moving on up … to be paved earlier in the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Secondary Road Six-Year plan for fiscal years 2019- 2025. The board delayed a vote on the plan until its June 11 meeting for additional clarification.

No one spoke during the Greene County Board of Supervisors’ public hearing on May 28.

The board votes on the plan each year, including whether to add new unpaved roads to the schedules and the priority order for the work.

Greene County has 203 miles of road with 151 miles paved and of that, 52 miles are secondary roads and there are still 20 miles of unpaved secondary roads in the county.

Rosebrook Road was scheduled to be paved last year but the flooding shifted priorities to other areas of the county. It will be done this year at a cost of $210,000, said Joel DeNunzio, VDOT resident engineer.

Bull Yearling is currently slated to be paved from U.S. Route 33 to Saddleback Road in fiscal year 2025.

“Do you get suggestions from our residents about … which ones might be a higher priority?” Board Chair Bill Martin asked DeNunzio.

“It usually comes from you,” he said. “I don’t think we get a lot of phone calls on unpaved roads. It’s really a board decision.”

Roads which qualify must have 50 or more vehicles per day in traffic counts, he said.

Beazley Road is scheduled to be the road following Rosebrook. The board asked DeNunzio if any of the $150,000 allocated had been spent on engineering or other work at this time. DeNunzio told the board via email after the meeting that no work had been done on Beazley, making it possible for the board to move Bull Yearling higher on the list.

“If you would like to change the priorities now would be the time,” DeNunzio said.

Chuck Covington of Stanardsville was granted a chance to address the board on the issue after the private hearing. He said heavy construction equipment for Lydia Mountain is using Tower Road, a private road, to access the resort instead of Bull Yearling because of the condition of that road.

“I would like to see Bull Yearling go up,” he said. “Tower is carrying the brunt of the traffic that should be on Bull Yearling.”

Ruckersville Supervisor Michelle Flynn noted that the lodge is slated to open this summer, which could bring more traffic to Bull Yearling. She noted other roads on the list aren’t expected to see an increase in traffic any time soon.

“The hard thing for us is there are some roads on here that have been waiting a long time,” she said.

“I’m very sympathetic to not only Lydia Lodge and the condition of [Bull Yearling], but also to everyone who lives on and accesses Bull Yearling,” Martin said. “It is our prerogative to make changes.”

Monroe District Supervisor David Cox agreed.

“I don’t have a problem with moving that one up but leaving the others,” he said.

DeNunzio said he’d look into whether VDOT can complete at the same time that section of Bull Yearling Road and the 2/10th of a mile on Turkey Ridge Road from Bull Yearling to South River Road. In the email he told the board he believed it could be done at the same time.

The board will vote on the plan at the next meeting on Tuesday, June 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the county administration building in Stanardsville.

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