A Greene County Circuit Court judge dismissed a lawsuit on Aug. 29 against Greene County by a former employee with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought again. 

The judgment came down almost one year after Walter Jess Nimmo, who worked at the Greene County Vehicle Maintenance Facility, filed the $1.3 million civil lawsuit against the county, Rick Morris, director of fleet and facilities management, and former county administrator John Barkley. Nimmo claimed wrongful termination, defamation, conspiracy, breach of contract and insulting words.

“The county took the position from the beginning that this case was baseless and the court agreed and ultimately disposed of the case before any significant time and costs had to be expended,” county attorney Thomas E. Lacheney, of Deal & Lacheney P.C., said recently.

The parties were in court on June 4 for the hearing.

It is unclear if Barkley was ever served. There was no response by Barkley in the lawsuit and he did not appear on June 4. He resigned abruptly June 29, 2018 after an emergency meeting by the Board of Supervisors and had moved out of the state.

Nimmo was terminated on Dec. 6, 2017, but Morris, who was his boss.

The judge allowed Nimmo 14 days to file an appeal, but none was filed.

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