A 50-year-old Barboursville man was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week for involuntary manslaughter and felony hit and run in the death of a jogger last year.

Guy Christopher Wilde struck Andrew Yost, 49, also of Barboursville, while Yost was jogging in the north lane of Route 657 in Greene County in February 2018. Yost later died from his injuries that March.

Through victim impact statements, five different family members shared sentiments of Yost – including his brother and Director of Economic Development and Tourism Alan Yost.

“To me, Andy was a man of Christ,” Alan Yost said through tears. “He was joyful, loved life and he lived it through Christ.”

Other family members recalled Yost’s love of the outdoors and biking, buying Christmas presents for needy families in the community and fostering children throughout his life.

Edwin Consolvo, special prosecutor in the case, argued for Wilde to receive the maximum punishment of 20 years. Consolvo noted that 20 years was “the only answer to possibly begin to bring things back to balance.”

“It’s more than fair to say that Andy Yost was a good man – a great man, actually. He cared about others. He sought out others to help. His family spoke more eloquently about their loss than I ever can,” Consolvo said. “This county lost someone who wanted nothing but the best for its citizens. He was taken by chaos because that’s what Guy Wilde is – the embodiment of chaos.”

Amy Wilson, Wilde’s attorney, sought a balance of punishment and mercy.

“Guy Wilde is committed to his recovery and change,” she said in court. Wilson also read a statement Wilde previously made saying, “For so long I never thought I was hurting anyone but myself with drugs and alcohol, but I realize now how much harm I have caused others.”

Wilde apologized to the family directly while in court last Tuesday.

“There’s no way I can say or do anything to make amends. I pray that you all can find closure and forgiveness,” he said.

Judge Dale Durrer noted Wilde’s previous felony convictions including burglary, abduction and malicious wounding before imposing sentence. For the felony hit and run charge, Wilde was sentenced to 10 years with 3 year suspended. On the felony involuntary manslaughter charge, Wilde was sentenced to 10 years with 2 years suspended, leaving an active sentence of 15 years. Wilde pleaded guilty to both felony charges in March as part of a plea agreement. As part of the agreement, two misdemeanor charges of driving while intoxicated and driving with a revoked license were dropped.

Wilde is also facing five felony drug charges, one misdemeanor drug charge and one misdemeanor charge of reckless driving after an unrelated traffic stop in 2017. He is expected to appear in Greene County Circuit Court on Aug. 8 on those charges.

“This is a case that has no good outcome. What continues to strike me as shocking is that this is a series of events that could have been avoided,” Judge Durrer said. “[I hope] I can make a decision today that deters just one person from making the choice that Guy Wilde did on Feb. 19.”

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Logan Bogert is a reporter for the Greene County Record in Stanardsville, Virginia. She can be reached at lbogert@greene-news.com or (434) 985-2315. Follow Logan on Twitter at @Logan_Bogert.

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