A trial date has been set for a Greene County supervisor and another Stanardsville resident charged with felony theft for allegedly farming hay on vacant county property for personal gain.

Monroe District Supervisor David Cox, 62, and Richard Eppard, 55, both of Stanardsville, appeared in court on Aug. 13 on a motion from the defense. Janice Redinger, Cox’s attorney, argued for a copy of Cox’s testimony to the special grand jury that was impaneled to investigate potential illegal farming in Greene County in March. Redinger was granted a copy of Cox’ testimony, but not a full transcript from the special grand jury proceedings. Eppard did not testify before the special grand jury.

Cox and Eppard will be tried together in Greene County with a two-day jury trial set to begin on Dec. 16. They are charged with farming hay on property near Dairy and Watson roads in Greene County. Tax maps note the property as a 200- acre property, also the proposed Ruckersville location for a 900 million-gallon reservoir as part of the Greene County Water Supply and Treatment Project, formerly called White Run Reservoir.

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Logan Bogert is a reporter for the Greene County Record in Stanardsville, Virginia. She can be reached at lbogert@greene-news.com or (434) 985-2315. Follow Logan on Twitter at @Logan_Bogert.

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