A draft strategic plan for recreational opportunities was presented to the Greene County Board of Supervisors at its Sept. 10 meeting. The Community Recreational Opportunities 2030 Strategic Plan was developed by a subgroup of the Ruckersville Area Committee, which was born of the Ruckersville Area Plan, approved in June 2018.

“We, as a community, adopted eight goals on how to shape Ruckersville. We adopted 26 recommendations to accomplish the vision and the goal of the (Ruckersville Area) plan,” said Planner Stephanie Golon.

The strategic plan hits the recommendation called “C-2” to market and brand recreational opportunities in Greene County.

“We want to hold a community input session and develop and distribute a survey to the entire community to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities associated with all the participation in Greene County,” Golon said. “And then, in the process, we would also conduct the activities and facilities audit.”

Two goals of the plan are: create new recreational opportunities identified from the gap analysis through partnerships and create a coordinated strategic multimedia communications tool to ensure all residents are informed of community activities.

“This is really one of the first groups to break off from our (committee),” she said.

“In a lot of ways you’ve set up sort of a model for how we move forward with more of these priorities,” said Ruckersville Supervisor Michelle Flynn. “I think that the work that has been done is really significant in terms of just trying to flesh out how we will approach this.”

Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Martin, Stanardsville, told Golon he’ll have more input on the plan as the top steps are outlined.

“I’m grateful for this group,” Martin said.

Golon said members on this subcommittee, as well as on the Ruckersville Area Committee itself, are “really, really ready to get going.”

She said following the process of developing a strategic plan is important to be sure all bases are covered.

“This is a great opportunity for the community, a public private partnership and building bridges within our community is very important. And this has been a great opportunity,” Golon added.

A desire for a Ruckersville-specific area planning guide came out of the 2010 comprehensive plan and extended into the 2015 plan update.

The Ruckersville Area Plan took over a year to complete as a partnership with the county and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, as well as a workgroup with business owners and residents in the area. Three public meetings were held throughout the writing of the plan. The 10-year plan outlined 26 recommendations for the area between the intersection of U.S. Routes 29 and 33 and the intersection of Matthew Mill Road and U.S. 29. With five immediate recommendations, including the marketing and branding of recreational opportunities, and 17 short-term. The plan was adopted by the board of supervisors as an addendum to the comprehensive plan in summer 2018.

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