STANARDSVILLE - The Greene County Emergency Operations Center has requested that the Virginia National Guard assist in providing proper N95 mask/respirator “fit testing” for essential healthcare workers. National Guard assistance helps maintain capacity for local health professionals to continue focusing on healthcare services and public health initiatives. The Virginia National Guard will arrive in Stanardsville in the morning of Monday, May 4, 2020, to begin conducting N95 mask fit testing for staff working in long term, assisted living, and memory care facilities. N95 mask fit testing is conducted to confirm a tight seal forms between the respirator and the wearer’s face before it is used in the workplace. This ensures that users receive the expected level of protection by minimizing any contaminant leakage into the mask. N95 masks are critical for healthcare workers that are treating patients with any communicable disease. 

This announcement is to make our community aware that the National Guard will be here for this non-emergency activity and that there is no cause for alarm. This fit testing by the National Guard will contribute to the protection of staff members and help minimize their exposure risk.

As a reminder, N95 masks are intended only for healthcare workers. Community members should continue to wear cloth face coverings.

For information regarding COVID-19:

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