Some Greene County residents experienced discolored water late last Thursday into Friday due to what Rapidan Service Authority General Manager Tim Clemmons believes was an unauthorized opening of a fire hydrant.

“This is just speculation on my part after looking at a bunch of charts and graphs, but it appears that sometime Thursday mid-afternoon into early evening somebody probably opened a hydrant somewhere on our system and that stirred up whatever was in the system,” Clemmons said.

RSA flushed the water on Friday to clear the system. Clemmons noted that organic material, sand and silt settles in the pipelines. When opened, it can quickly pull the sediment and cause it to stir up in the system, causing the discoloration.

As of Monday, RSA had not received any additional calls about discolored water in the area. Residents who experience water discoloration can run their water until clear, and contact RSA at (434) 985-7811.

Clemmons added that illegally drawing water from hydrants has happened in the past, and asks the community to report any suspicious activity at hydrants to RSA.

“Really the only people you should see on a hydrant are a fire (fighters),” he said. “If anybody out there sees someone who’s questionable on a hydrant or anybody other than a fire department hooked up to a hydrant we would love to hear about it so we can get someone over there quickly.”

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Logan Bogert is a reporter for the Greene County Record in Stanardsville, Virginia. She can be reached at or (434) 985-2315. Follow Logan on Twitter at @Logan_Bogert.

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