The afternoon of Sunday Dec. 15 a truck traveling on Va. Route 230 (Madison Road) ran off the asphalt, hit a telephone pole and broke through the fence of our family farm. While attempting to get out the driver tore up part of our pasture and exited the farm breaking through another part of the fence before speeding down Octonia road with three tires on the truck.

I didn’t see this happen. I am grateful for the phone call I received while away from home notifying me of the damage to our farm. I returned home within an hour to find both parts of the broken fence being fixed, follow up text messages from a witness and the initial caller, representation from our sheriff’s department and state police and the gentleman who followed the driver down Octonia road so police could apprehend him. The sheriff’s department picked up the multiple parts of his truck that were dispersed throughout the farm as I stood in awe watching and feeling so fortunate for this community.

My mother’s lifelong dream was always to return to her roots in Stanardsville, and build on the family farm because she was so proud of where she came from and the people who brought themselves up by their bootstraps. At age 75 her dream came true and I am so glad I came with mom to this town where people genuinely take care of each other and I humbly thank all those that helped at the Morris-Tata farm that day. What a privilege to live in Greene County.

Kendall Tata


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