This past Saturday two great events happened in Greene. The farmers market moved into the beautiful new pavilion behind the County administration offices. The market will be a weekly meeting place for buying locally produced food and beautiful arts and crafts, while greeting friends and listening to local musicians. Also, the Blue Ridge Mountain Heritage displays were unveiled next to the commemorative chimney at Celt and Main. They tell an important story about the Greene families who were displaced from the mountains when Shenandoah National Park was created. If the weather had not interfered, we would also have enjoyed another wonderful annual celebration of America’s independence on Thursday.

In the months ahead we should see further improvements in the Stanardsville – extending sidewalks, improving lighting and enhancing its appearance. The 1840 William Mills house in Stanardsville, the home of the first lawyer to move here after Greene was established in 1838, is also being restored. I hope we also see a move of Greene’s Visitors Center to a beautiful house on Route 29, preserving one of the few remaining historic homes in the area, making Greene even more welcoming to visitors and new-comers.

Donations made the PVCC campus a reality. We have great facilities at the county park, built with local contributions created by private funds. Almost $500,000 of private local donations have been used in raising over $2 million dollars of grants for improving the county seat – without any local tax money. Local volunteer groups and churches help kids build successful lives, provide healthcare to the uninsured, feed those without adequate food, help the home-bound, bring joy to the elderly, provide housing for those who lack resources and comfort all of us in times of need.

These community accomplishments would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of residents who are willing to work together to bring positive change. Local governments help in areas where tax dollars are required to maintain a healthy vibrant community. Witness the capital improvements at the school complex and the reservoir project to extend our critical water resources. We should be proud of Greene County and Stanardsville.

Some people only find fault. They are rarely seen at community events or on committees working for the benefit of the community. It seems to be much easier to sit on the sidelines and complain than it is to roll up their sleeves and work for the common good. This is sad but should not reflect badly on Greene and the efforts of the many others who work to improve the county.

We owe thanks to all those who choose the constructive positive approach and work hard to make great things happen here.

Don Pamenter


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