I encourage Greene County voters to compare the websites of incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Hardin and his challenger Edwin Consolvo. The contrast could not be clearer.

Matt Hardin’s website describes his specific accomplishments, including protection of our children, prosecuting drug dealers, preserving our Second Amendment rights and effectively managing his budget. Since Hardin took office, criminal cases prosecuted have increased 162%. Hardin has prosecuted nine cases of child abuse or pornography and got convictions in all six that have already been decided. Three cases are pending. The convictions Hardin and his team achieved include one of the longest sentences ever in Virginia—291 years. Hardin’s website also addresses being a smart drug prosecutor, focusing on putting the dealers behind bars while supporting the recovery of drug users committed to turning their lives around.

Edwin Consolvo’s website is a classic attack website. Consolvo accuses Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Hardin of playing politics. This from a candidate from Louisa who appears to have been brought to Greene by establishment politicians unhappy with Hardin’s hard work. Consolvo’s website talks about working “hand-in-hand” with Sheriff [Steve] Smith. As Hardin says, he needs to partner with the sheriff’s office. I like a commonwealth’s attorney who partners, but still maintains his independence.

What’s more, Consolvo's website also talks about maintaining a professional appearance. Are we selecting candidates based on looks? I care more about performance than appearance. But since Consolvo brings this petty matter up, what is so compelling about his appearance?

Consider the Facebook video of Consolvo at a gun range. I guess this is pandering to us country bumpkins with guns. We don’t need a video to know where Hardin stands. Hardin stated: “I will use my prosecutorial discretion to ensure that no law-abiding citizen is punished for refusal to comply with a backdoor gun registry, and I will not prosecute any law-abiding citizen for simple possession of handguns or other defensive weapons in common use.”

Consolvo has insulted the intelligence of Greene County voters. This November, let him know how you feel about that.

Mark Fanning


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