With the new legislative session starting soon citizens should be concerned about the priorities of their legislators. The main issue that has been making the headlines is gun control legislation. Legislation that is supposed to make us safer. Whether you are a gun owner or not you have to ask yourself and your representative why these new laws are targeting law abiding citizens? For some reason the liberal left wants to ignore the real criminals and make new ones out of your neighbors.

All these new laws that are being introduced have proven ineffective everywhere they have been implemented. We all would like to see less violence and tragedy but how does making otherwise law-abiding citizens criminals going to make a difference? These laws will not be obeyed by real criminals after all not obeying laws is what makes them criminals in the first place.

I urge everyone to contact their representatives, this includes the governor, the lieutenant governor and the state attorney general and ask them why you are interested in punishing our law-abiding neighbors and ignoring the real problems. For some of us this is a Second Amendment issue but for all of us it is a matter of prioritizing real crime and not creating more criminals.

People need to realize that these legislators in Richmond are not interested in representing the citizens of our commonwealth. Unfortunately, for many of our representatives this whole gun legislation is about appeasing out of state donors who have sunk millions of dollars into political campaigns. The anti-gun lobby is not home grown but is funded by billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who are only interested in power and control and could not care less about the citizens of Virginia. If you are looking for a safer Virginia you need to look to your localities, it is your local sheriffs and commonwealth attorney’s that will keep your community safe and not Richmond. So, make sure you support these people who are protecting you and your rights. They are our neighbors and friends and we need to have their backs.

Bill Hay


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