On May 30, the Greene County Record printed a letter to the editor declaring that Emmett Hanger is “good for teachers.” I agree. Hanger is good for public school teachers. Tina Freitas is good for students and parents. Hanger’s record reveals his alliance with the bureaucratic monopoly of public schools and the special interest groups who hold a tight grip on them.

Educators who value the quality of education more than the quantity of personnel benefits recognize the need for change. Tina Freitas promises to support a system which gives parents more control over their children’s educational choices and teachers more control over their classrooms. As a former teacher inside the bureaucratic bog of public education and later in a quality private school environment, I know from experience education quality is much more personally rewarding than just compensation packages.

It has been proven in the marketplace that competition improves the quality of products and services. We want our commercial markets to offer many affordable choices. Why then do taxpayers permit politicians like Hanger to allocate our tax dollars for only one educational choice? Our children and their parents deserve better options. If education quality is more important to you than maintaining the status quo for a bureaucratic monopoly controlled by special interest groups, please vote for Tina on June 11.

Deloris Linam


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