Now that the holiday season is over, Feeding Greene Inc.-The Food Pantry of Greene County wants to thank three special groups of people for making our Christmas Meal Program a success: Ruckersville Walmart, Ruckersville Food Lion and the residents of Greene County. Michelle Upton, Walmart Manager, Tedra Dean, Walmart Assistant Manager, Becky Shifflett, Walmart Associate and the Walmart staff are to be commended for their community support this Christmas with their food collection program and the purchase of turkeys.

Walmart provided specific food items needed for the Christmas Meal Program to be purchased at the register and donated to Feeding Greene. Greene County residents rose to the occasion and purchased 1,766 pounds of food. Well done, Greene County residents.

Feeding Greene also wants to thank Laramie Lively, Ruckersville Food Lion Manager, and his staff for their assistance in the purchase of hams/turkeys for the Christmas Meal Program and the Christmas Food Boxes provided by Food Lion.

These boxes were purchased by residents of Greene County at the register. A total of 269 Christmas Food Boxes/1,465 pounds of food were purchased and donated to Feeding Greene for those in need.

Again well done, residents of Greene County. Your hearts are open to helping others and the Greene County Food Pantry. Our partnership with the community, Walmart and Food Lion truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Betty and Leonard Coyner

Feeding Greene, Inc.

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