The benefit concert held on Sunday, April 7 to assist with costs associated with Scott’s rehabilitation program at the Shepherd Pathways in Atlanta, Ga., was amazing!

Our family was humbled by the generosity of our community. Those who advertised, coordinated, supported and attended the event made it a huge success.

Thank you to the Stanardsville United Methodist Church, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, the Deanes, The Churchmen and Tommy Wood for donating their time encouraging community support.

Donations continued to be made following the event from those who were too far away to attend and those local people who were not able to attend.

After just two weeks, the therapy team met. Seeing promise, determination, and a great family support system, they recommended that Scott stay for eight weeks instead of the originally planned four weeks. We quickly adjusted our plans, arranging housing, hospital equipment, and wheelchair van rental for an additional months’ stay. Without the generous support of our church and community we could not have easily accomplished this.

During the time of his stay we saw an increase in confidence, strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility. Thanks to the expertise of the therapists at the Shepherd Pathways, Scott had the opportunity to see an eye specialist who prescribed glasses with prisms in the lenses in order to correct the leftside neglect that resulted from his stroke. This has had an immediate positive effect in his vision.

He was also able to develop and deliver a 15- minute presentation to a group of therapists and other patients on an idea that he had for an advocate, coach and mentor assigned to a stroke patient upon admission to help with the communication of options during the process of recovery.

Accomplishing goals along the way has given Scott a renewed vision for what he can attain with continued hard work. Accomplishing the goals set for him at the Shepherd Pathways and establishing new ones, that he sets for himself, is all in preparation for him to be invited back for an even more intensive therapy program.

Thank you all for your generous support. Whether from donations, cards or messages, all have contributed to his progress at the Shepherd Pathways and continue to impact his ongoing recovery at home.

The Haas Family

Greene County

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