With all of the news surrounding this year’s election I have seen various complaints about our current Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Hardin.

However, these complaints never focus on his abilities as a prosecutor. Hair length, office hours and owning dogs don’t define a prosecutor’s, or any lawyer’s, abilities. Matt’s track record speaks for itself.

In only two years he has cut his office’s budget substantially while increasing the number of cases prosecuted. He has gotten record-breaking sentences for child pornographers and began work on a drug court for Greene County. In half of a regular term for a prosecutor, Matt has done nearly everything he promised the citizens of Greene, and he is actively working on the things yet to be completed.

Why would you put your trust in an outsider with no definitive plan for the county when our current commonwealth’s attorney has proven that he can accomplish what he sets out to do? If given four more years in office, I have no doubts that Matt will continue to make Greene County a better place for us all.

Kelsea Wagner


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