Mr. Hardin, since you took office as Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney in November 2017, I don’t recall ever meeting an elected office-holder like you in Greene County. You deserve the recognition reserved for the bravest among us.

Thank you for being bold, supporting the values of Greene County and openly stating what you believe while others do not. You have been unashamed to defend our rights.

Thank you for seeking justice, even when it’s not popular.

Thank you for being honest, when seeking the truth is uncomfortable to others, and for exercising your office independently from all others.

Thank you for delivering on the promises that you made in 2017 to fulfill your oath of office.

You pledged to protect our children and most vulnerable. I’ve followed your successful prosecutions of some of the vilest crimes ever committed on children and the sentences achieved by your office. Two hundred-ninety-one years in prison is one of the longest sentences ever imposed in the commonwealth of Virginia. You, sir, kept your promise.

You pledged to run your office efficiently and with fiscal discipline, which is rare in Greene. Other offices continually expand, and ask for more each year from us locally, and from Richmond. You reduced your local spending by 17% while your criminal caseload increased by nearly 170%. That has never been done by any office or department in Greene County. You, sir, kept your promise.

You pledged to take-on the opioid problem in Greene County. I’ve followed your successful prosecutions of drug dealers; you lock them up in prison. You’re tough on those who spread poison in our community, yet you are compassionate to those who need help in overcoming addiction. Your idea to provide a drug court makes sense and will help those first-time offenders break the cycle for dangerous drugs. I look forward to seeing your hard work for a drug court pay off in the coming months. You, sir, kept your promise.

I look forward to your next four years in office as our commonwealth’s attorney.

Robert E. Young


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