I worked in the Greene County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office under Matt Hardin from April 2018 until July of this year when I chose to leave to work somewhere else. I don’t want to write this letter; more than anything, I’d like to stay out of politics. But with the election in less than a month, I feel a moral obligation to warn the people of Greene County to pay attention.

In the 16 months I worked for Hardin, he rarely spent time in the office. Many days he never came in at all. His absence was routine. Though I was a part-time prosecutor, others noted I spent more time working than Hardin.

As rare as it was for Hardin to be in the office, it was even rarer for him to handle a case, big or small. Generally, he only appeared in court when no other prosecutors were available. This claim can be easily verified. Publicly available court records show who handles every case, from simple misdemeanors, like trespassing, up to complicated felonies, like child pornography.

The elected commonwealth’s attorney is a high-paying job. Hardin’s salary is in the six figures. He makes significantly more money than the average person in Greene, while choosing to work just a fraction of the time.

In less than two years under Hardin, his office has experienced a high rate of turn-over. Five different prosecutors have served under him, but only one of those still remains.

Don’t take my word about this. Ask Hardin what he does with his time. Ask him how many cases he’s personally prosecuted. Ask him how many jury trials he’s handled. Ask defense attorneys what they’ve seen. Ask deputies or troopers if he assists with investigations. Ask clerks or bailiffs how often he actually shows up in court. Ask the victim/witness director about Hardin’s interactions with victims. Ask Sheriff [Steve] Smith why he’s endorsed Edwin Consolvo instead of Hardin.

Whatever you do, ask questions. Look into things for yourself. Greene County is a wonderful place and it deserves a hard-working, full-time commonwealth’s attorney.

Matthew Falwell


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