The election of Nov. 5, 2019 will be a pivotal moment in the history of our county, one that will be looked upon as the instant where the citizens of Greene made a clear choice on the direction they desired to go. In short, we are at a point in our history that will define our future.

We are at a crossroads and our county is being led down a very dangerous path; one that is paved with big-government policies, is lined with unchecked spending focused on wants versus needs, and one littered with mismanagement and corruption that has become a regular occurrence. Our current elected leaders are leading us down this road because … well, they have been allowed to. They have gone unchecked for years, blown off public opinion or outcry and apparently believe that governing in a small county gives them cover from enough public scrutiny that they can take us down whichever road they want. Well, it’s time that we hit the brakes, turn around and start our county down the right road. It’s time for us all to say with a unified and resounding voice: not on our watch.

In order to hit those brakes and turn our county onto that right road, it takes conservative principles, such as limited government, fiscal prudence and honest leadership. Principles like transparency, accountability and integrity should be the guidepost of all elected leaders and it’s time we introduce those principles back into our county government!

“Proven Leadership” is a not a subjective term and, in almost all cases including our current Board of Supervisors, can easily be quantified:

• A proven leader does not continuously vote to raise taxes and fees in order to pay for pet projects. Our taxes were raised higher this year than in over a decade.

• A proven leader does not vote to use taxpayer funds to purchase a piece of prime real estate, take it off the market forever (and lose any and all future tax revenue in the process) and move a visitors center into a crumbling house on the property. Our current At-Large Supervisor, Mr. Dale Herring, was the deciding vote to spend over $2 million on a 40-year loan in order to do just that.

• A proven leader does listen to all citizens and even if pressured by the rest of the board to vote a certain way, votes for what is right, not what’s popular with the rest of the board. Mr. Herring has overwhelmingly voted for these and other disastrous decisions, including for his own pay raises.

We can’t afford the road we’re being forced down. Our county can’t weather this for much longer. On Nov. 5 let’s make a choice we can look back one day and be proud of, with no regrets. Together, at the ballot box, let’s send an unforgettable message to our county government: not on our watch!

James Murphy


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