I am skeptical about the idea that our county officials are looking out for the citizens of Greene as a whole after seeing what the EDA and a few of the supervisors are up to. I cannot help but think there are bureaucrats in this county who are looking out for what is best for themselves and their cronies.

The purchase of a million dollar property for a visitor center benefits only a few select people. There are so many better options that have not been considered for bringing tourism dollars to our county.

I still believe that with the Jack Shop space becoming available that this would make an excellent spot to move the visitor center to with a small cafe adjoining it. This could be done with little expense. A concept like this reminds me of Seagull Pier on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which offered a place to eat and relax on your way to and from the Eastern Shore.

The Jack Shop Kitchen spot would be ideal and anybody with a little imagination could see what a draw this could be for the county. There are the antique shops that are already there and the lower floor is big enough for a small cafe along with plenty of room for displays from local artists as well as any information the Visitor Center would want to put out. There is even room for a few public computer terminals that visitors could use to make reservations and get additional information on local attractions. With a place like this available why is the county even considering a million dollar purchase?

Of course this does not fit into the local bureaucrats’ agenda. It is much easier for the landlord to rent out a turnkey restaurant than it is to sell a million dollar piece of property, especially with all the other parcels that have become available on the Ruckersville 29 corridor.

William Hay


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