Mr. Woody Woodrowski’s opinion (Letter to the Editor; “Visitors Center won’t be a draw” June 27, 2019), raises an important point: “What do we get for our money?” His concern is focused on the proposal to spend $1 million for property on Route 29 to relocate the Greene County Visitors Center. However, I would like to suggest another use for the funds, where it would be spent to meet the public safety needs of Greene County residents.

As of July 1, 2018, Greene County’s population is 20,330, of which 6,065 of the residents live in Monroe District. The district’s population represents one quarter of Greene County’s population, who either have no landline, cell or broadband internet services. In essence, Monroe District residents do not have a reliable, effective communication services in case of an emergency or disaster.

In addition, there are “dead zones” through out Greene County where the Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Medical Services and Fire Departments do not have the ability to contact dispatchers or, if necessary, other law enforcement or EMS units in case of needed backup or equipment while responding to potentially life-threatening calls.

It is my belief that the funds ($1,000,000) would be better spent by improving the telecommunication infrastructure by installing cell and EMS towers, as well as expand broadband services in Monroe District, as well as throughout Greene County. Residents need to have reliable public safety services and the peace of mind it brings with it.

Linda M. Copeland, R.N.

President & Dean Cardinal Institute for Health Careers

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