As Greene County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, it is my job to enforce the law and hold wrongdoers accountable in court when they break the law. Just as important, however, is my job to protect the Constitution and every citizen’s Constitutional rights.

I write today because my duty to the Constitution, and to protect the Constitutional rights of every Greene County citizen, compels it. By the time you read this letter, Virginia’s General Assembly will already be meeting in Richmond to consider a radical agenda, proposed by Gov. Ralph Northam, that will endanger your Second Amendment rights. If the Governor succeeds in implementing his agenda, Virginians will soon be subject to losing their Second Amendment rights without due process (under so-called “Red Flag Laws”). Law-abiding citizens will be subject to mandatory firearms registration (under the guise of “universal background checks” which lay the foundation for future confiscation). Worse, many common firearms will be outlawed entirely because the governor wishes to re-classify standard capacity magazines that fit most modern handguns as “high capacity” or “assault” devices.

If these laws are implemented, Greene County’s law-abiding gun owners will be at risk of committing criminal offenses merely for possessing firearms that have always been legal. The groundwork will be laid for future confiscation of firearms, and every citizen’s Second Amendment rights will be severely restricted.

I’m asking every Greene County voter to call our legislators and encourage them to take a firm stand against the Governor’s radical gun control agenda, and to protect our rights under the Second Amendment. Delegate Rob Bell can be reached at his Richmond Office by calling (804) 698- 1058. Senator Emmett Hanger can be reached at his Richmond Office by calling (804) 698-7524. The more citizens get involved, the better our chances of preserving our rights through the end of this special session will be.

Matthew D. Hardin

Greene County’s Commonwealth Attorney

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