In response to last week’s letter about fiscal responsibility within Greene County Sheriff’s Office, there are several facts that need to be clarified.

When I first took office as sheriff, the office was exclusively using the Greene County maintenance facility for all vehicle maintenance. In early 2017, we began to notice that several costs charged to Greene County Sheriff’s Office from the maintenance facility were exorbitant compared to standard commercial rates. After several meetings with the former county administrator, we were unable to resolve the situation and started using an outside facility in December 2017.

This change provided an estimated savings to taxpayers and the sheriff’s office of $6,000 per year from the higher charges we would have paid to the county facility. The previous letter referenced our department spending an extra $70,000 per year in maintenance. Rather than an increase, this was actually a budget line item that is also used for the purchase of fuel for our vehicles and represents a reduction in budget not the cost of vehicle repairs. In regards to the $500,000 mentioned, I don’t know where this figure was even pulled from.

I have returned money every year from my budget to lead in a fiscally conservative manner and serve as a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

Last, but not least, in reference to suing the county—we tried to work this out with Greene County’s previous administrator, but he would not come to the table. Our only option was to go to court. We currently have a strong working relationship with the Greene County Board of Supervisors and all issues have been resolved.

Steven Smith

Greene County Sheriff

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