I have always viewed candidates running for office as someone seeking a job in our county to work for me as the voter. With this comes the responsibility of doing proper interviews and reviewing the qualifications of the applicant—the candidate. In this review process it is important to understand their background, work experience, knowledge, training, job qualifications, education and energy. With this in mind, let’s consider the current race for sheriff in Greene County. As I review job applications for Greene County sheriff, I see several qualifications and achievements that set Sheriff Steve Smith head and shoulders above the rest.

First, I see his background of 32 ½ years in professional law enforcement experience, including eight years as our sheriff. Secondly, I see his knowledge; simply look at his bio on his website and see all the job training, schools management training and time in office. Looking at energy, Smith has done so much in our community to benefit everyone. He works every day during the week and lots of weekends. I appreciate the escorts he provides for families during funerals; it means so much to families in their toughest moments of life. He keeps the trash off our roads to keep Greene beautiful. He provides children the opportunity to have a merry Christmas every year with the shop with a cop program. I really like the prescription drug box initiative that I know people use very often, which keeps prescription drugs off the streets and our of our water supplies.

When I review all of these things, I see one man who is most qualified to continue the role of sheriff. I learned a long time ago in life to look at actions more than words. Anyone can run for office and say anything to try to get votes—and many certainly do. Steve Smith has proven through his actions that he is the only candidate to trust with our safety and future.

I hope you will join me on Tuesday, Nov. 5 in voting for Sheriff Smith to remain as our sheriff. You know the old saying, you never know what you have until it’s gone.

Shari Collier


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