I am very thankful for Sheriff Steve Smith. As a multi-generational Greene County resident, I can state that we have never had a more caring sheriff than Steve Smith. Not only does he lead his office to keep our county safe, but he goes above and beyond to help people that many others would simply overlook.

Steve is one of us. If I ever need an answer or need assistance he answers his cell phone. If anyone has a complaint he is a listening ear.

He leads a department that is tough on crime, but compassionate toward citizens. Even recently, in the middle of an election cycle, Steve was more concerned about helping provide resources to hurricane victims than campaigning or trying to get votes for himself.

It is a shame that election season brings the negative attacks on good men like Steve Smith that recent letters have had. One even questioned Steve putting citizens first. I would like to state that I have seen Steve Smith serve our community in dozens of ways in the past year alone, but I have never met the writer of the attack letter. Maybe if he showed up to help people when our community is feeding the hungry, giving toys to children at Christmas or helping flood victims, he would see firsthand how our sheriff serves others. It is hard to see what good men like Sheriff Smith does when his attacker never serves others himself and hides behind a keyboard.

The Conley Family


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