I was saddened to read in your March 7, 2019 paper about Greene County ending the after school and summer program for children in our community. Working parents of our county have depended on this program for 29 years and the suddenness of its closing at the end of the school year has many families scrambling to make child care arrangements for the summer break.

This situation highlights the failure of our leadership to address an issue of great importance to our children, families, employers and our economy. Despite the fact that the majority of families with children have two working parents, Virginia government has not made any effort to make sure each community has the resources necessary for meeting this vital need.

Our elected officials in Richmond seem more concerned with making laws to increase the profits of their corporate donors than they do finding solutions to this problem that faces every working family and employer in the commonwealth of Virginia.

Having been both the child of a single, working mother and a single, working mother myself has given me firsthand experience of the struggles one faces when seeking care for your precious child. For generations, our delegates in Richmond have failed to address this problem. This is one reason I am running for the House of Delegates, 58th District. Quality, affordable childcare and preschool is past due for all Virginia localities and would boost our economy by providing our employers with focused, productive employees and give our children safe, caring, and vibrant learning environments.

I would like to earn your vote to replace our out of touch delegate in Richmond so I can work to find solutions for this problem that affects every working family in every corner of Virginia.

Elizabeth Alcorn


Candidate for 58th District House of Delegate

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