There is no doubt after tracking the clerk of court campaign that Steve Keene is most qualified for this job. His campaign theme has emphasized his education, experience and service, and Steve is the only candidate that acknowledges our clerk’s office is not state certified and promises to fix that. He quickly recognized the need and benefits of having an accredited sheriff’s office and he will do the same for the clerk’s office.

He has worked in mental health and substance abuse, as a state trooper in Greene County, in criminal justice planning for a regional planning district and has conducted inspections and investigations for both the state and federal government. He has a master’s degree in criminal justice and graduated from the Public Safety Institute management school at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Most political candidates do not undergo background checks, but he has passed several in order to handle confidential and sensitive information, and has been commissioned and credentialed to work on behalf of the FDA, EPA and USDA.

Steve is transparent, as he continuously listed his credentials for the public to review and has invited citizens to meet and contact him for questions. He has published his awards, memberships, board/committee appointments, credit and performance rating that demonstrates he goes beyond core duties and responsibilities.

Much of his work the last several years has been to ensure that proper records were maintained, directly relating to this court clerk position. He has demonstrated a good working relationship with others by serving on various advisory committees, training teams and recently being appointed to our regional Jefferson Community Criminal Justice Board by our Board of Supervisors. Steve has served on restorative justice panels in the Shenandoah Valley, where petty offenders are diverted from traditional court services to citizen groups that reduce workloads on our current system.

Mr. Keene is trained and very knowledgeable in the grant process, how to find them and how to obtain them. He obtained grants four consecutive years and helped put crisis kits in all classrooms in Greene County. In addition, Steve secured the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) equipment that has captured many predators, implemented the Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) that was instrumental in sheriff’s office accreditation, introduced the Assign-A-Highway offender trash pick-up that helps clean our roadways and created the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Greene. He strongly supports our Second Amendment rights, is a life-member of the NRA and provides safety classes on many topics. Steve Keene has worked hard at improving criminal justice and public safety in Greene County, and he has the integrity, character and experience we need in the clerk’s office.

Doris Cook


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