Mid-April, President Donald Trump announced new guidelines coming soon to restart the economy safely, in consultation with top leaders from all sectors. When challenged, he asserted sole authority under law to make that decision. Instinctively, press-backed governors attacked politically, claiming sole charge of their states, unaware Trump/Pence had been saying that daily. When Trump’s new guidelines rolled-out, governors did indeed control schedule and implementation. Reacting, Gov.Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC) immediately cried “foul,” saying they couldn’t possibly do it without massive federal help. Trump made the governors unwittingly publicly admit their responsibility and confirm Trump’s incredible support, at least for a news cycle.

Never letting a crisis go to waste, Democrats and the press today parrot what I believe is their latest hoax that Trump didn’t take the virus seriously for six-eight weeks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for oversight in how the stimulus is spent, which could be viewed as a new impeachment attempt.

Nine days after the first confirmed American coronavirus case, the White House Coronavirus Task force opened Jan. 29. Trump declared a national public health emergency Jan. 30, and banned travel with China on Jan. 31, against the advice of nearly all experts. Feb. 26, he placed Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the Task Force, reporting directly to Trump, providing the level of authority needed to coordinate directly with governors, break down institutional lethargy and focus action quickly. Federal guidelines were legally issued to the states under emergency statutes. Daily press briefings with the principals keep the public informed and dispel press-promoted panic.

It seems China wasn’t honest while quietly buying and exhausting supplies of medical safety equipment needed to treat victims elsewhere. World Health Organization (WHO), aware in December 2019, covered for China, in January declaring the virus did not travel from human to human and in February severely criticizing Trump’s travel ban as unnecessary. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, mislead by WHO information, March 9 said the disease was not dangerous for healthy Americans. Cuomo and de Blasio counseled citizens to continue their normal activities as late as March 10.

No one anticipated the pandemic. Obama’s administration failed to replenish federal stockpiles of N95 masks after smaller epidemics, as did most states. With an entirely new virus, CDC’s initial tests didn’t work well and couldn’t be massively deployed. Trump established an effective federal/state/private sector partnership, judiciously employing the Defense Procurement Act and personally cajoling industry leaders, resulting in rapid massive increase in needed supplies, including new testing and speeding FDA actions to bring multiple treatments on line. His entire cabinet was comprehensibly tasked. FEMA, guided by Pence’s direct coordination with the governors, purchased and directed shipment of materials to highest needs without delay. Today, over-supply means materials are being redirected and staged for future emergency use. Whole new emergency protocols are being created.

Thank God our President is Donald Trump, with his lifetime of experience successfully managing massive complex projects. He’s uniquely equipped with the innate ability to comprehensively engage experts in their fields to form coherent teams and motivate those teams to excellence and demand accountability for high-level performance. He has the personal skill and fortitude to step out ahead of experts when necessary, and to expose partisan disinformation from the press and congressional Democrats.

While there’s serious business being done in Washington, Speaker Pelosi, relaxing in her mansion in San Francisco, countered the $250 billion desperately needed small business relief, demanding new money for hospitals when $70 billion already allocated hasn’t been spent yet. Expect the same callousness so long as she is speaker.

Bert Nye


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