The Stanardsville Independence Day Committee (SIDC) deeply regretted having to cancel the July 4th event and appreciate the many expressions of support that we have received.

The storm consisting of high winds, lightning and torrential downpours dealt significant blows to all areas of our event-stage, sound, grounds, vendors, fireworks, logistics, etc. Not a single one of the above areas was completely spared from damage which totals thousands of dollars. To protect school property from any potential damage and the public from the forecast for potential additional severe weather, we felt it necessary to stop the event.

We understand that this decision has caused disappointment in the community. We can assure you that we feel likewise having spent thousands of volunteer hours planning, fundraising and preparing for the event.

Ultimately, this decision was one of the hardest we have faced as a committee and was made collectively by the committee in consultation with our experts and resources. We wish we were able to reschedule this event. However, key areas of the event require permits and/or resources whose availability and/or fiscal impacts would be impossible for us to shoulder. This includes volunteers who make the event possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at our future events. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Stanardsville Independence Day Committee (SIDC)

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