So, it seems [County Administrator] Mark Taylor believes if Greene County buys this house for the new Greene County Visitor’s Center it will be a reason for people to come. Just like the new sidewalk in Stanardsville was a reason to go to the ghost town of Stanardsville, I guess.

“The Taylor House offers 50% more public space than our current center,” he said. “Moving the visitor center from its strip location to the free-standing Taylor house, I believe in the mind of the Tourism Council, elevates our brand. [The house] says something substantial about Greene County, about who we are, about the style of life here and the opportunities and things to be found here.” (Greene County Record, June 20 article “Information presented on visitor center.”)

Our Tourism Council is suffering from severe mental illness; it’s delusional and should be dissolved. OK, Tourism Council, what will be the increase in tourism revenue by purchasing this house and relocating the visitor center over not purchasing it and relocating the visitors center to the former Jack Shop’s place or other less expensive location? Does anyone honestly believe more people will come to Greene County because of the new visitor center? That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Like the visitor center plays some kind of roll in whether people will visit here? Hey, everyone, Greene County has a new visitor center, let’s pack up the car and go to Greene County and check it out. No to the new visitors center.

Woody Woodrowski


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