On June 11, the people of Virginia’s 24th Senate District have the opportunity to select a true conservative Republican to run in this November’s state elections.

For far too long we have been represented by Emmett Hanger whose only interest is in keeping his big donors happy. If you visit Virginia Public Access Project you will find that the majority of his campaign donations come in from large donors. Of his top 15 donors six are associated with the medical community in some way and have contributed to his campaign to the tune of more than $220,000 dollars. This may explain his vote for Medicaid expansion, a bill that the rest of his party voted against. This was just one of his many votes that show his is far from being conservative.

He has never seen a tax increase that he doesn’t like and he is not a friend of those who support the Second Amendment.

If you are for smaller government and want a representative that will be concerned about the average citizen and not large corporations, then get out June 11 and vote for Tina Freitas. Freitas is the conservative that we need in this district and will represent the people of this district and not big corporations.


William Hay


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