As we approach Election Day, I wish to remind you of who should be your choice for clerk of court – Susan E. Birckhead.

I served as your clerk of court for 35 years until retirement in 2015. I hired Susan 15 years ago to serve as a deputy clerk. She was trained under me and then under Brenda Compton, who retired earlier this year. The circuit court judges appointed Susan as interim clerk until this election. There is nothing better than on-hand experience under a serving clerk. She has gone to numerous training sessions to keep up with the many new changes each year.

I have always found Susan to be a dedicated, hard worker and very knowledgeable of her duties. Susan is a very sincere person to the needs of our citizens who use the clerk’s office. I have heard numerous citizens speak highly of her as they had to conduct business in the office since she was appointed.

I am confident you want someone who knows the job inside and out to assist you and keep records safe. There are some who say they have experience, but none in the circuit court clerk’s office. Susan is the only one who has the experience (15 years) of working in that office, knowledge of how the everyday functions of that office and how the courts work.

Join me in casting your vote for Susan Birckhead as clerk of court.

Marie Durrer

Retired Greene County

Clerk of Circuit Court

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