Editor’s Note: There was no indication that county taxpayers will pay for the loan, only the cost of the mortgage takes up only a portion of the annual 3% transient occupancy tax amounts.

As native Greene County residents, we are very, very opposed to purchasing the 100-year-old Taylor house for the visitor center. Borrowing funds to pay for this property, renovation costs and upkeep on this old house seems to be astronomical for this purpose in our small county.

According to the July 25 Greene County Record it says “the bond will be paid back using part of … [Transient Occupancy Taxes]” — where is the other part coming from? It will be coming from us, the taxpayers.

I personally don’t see any tourists having a picnic on the visitor center grounds; plus it is not convenient for anyone going north. A question was made recently in a Letter to the Editor asking: “What can we do that best promotes tourism in Greene County?” My question is: what tourism does Greene County (itself) have?

I didn’t know there were TOT funds available. Since these funds have been available for sometime, why didn’t someone use these funds to keep the Vietnam War Foundation museum belonging to Craig LaMountain—this would certainly have been an attraction. We have been attending military reunions for over 10 years and always advertise this museum and know for a fact that groups have visited and we are sure they ate and stayed in Greene County.

Tommy & Gayle Edwards


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